Acer Travelmate 2355 Lci Drivers

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Series: TravelMate 2350 / Model #: CL51. Model: 2355LCI (TM2355LCi). Market region: USA, Canada, Central/South America. Find another Acer. Hi all I'm looking for some genuine help with my laptop/notebook, I'm a bit set in my ways as I am an older person, I have a acer travelmate 292 Lci Which I have just restored one used motherboard, new harddrive and 2Gig of memory, my question is I am about to upgrade the the 'CPU' to M 1.7 has anyone any tips that might help me along the way, one more thing when installing my old 1.5 ".

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  • Good grief, Costamonga, we need to be writing to you for advice, instead of vice-versa. The fact that your nine year old rig is one of the best laptops ever made speaks for itself. I even found a forum for it, but no one has posted on it since 2004.

    How did you manage to reload your operating system? Did you use the original XP or did you buy an upgrade? Did you have a problem with the drivers?

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    Assuming that you're not a game-player, your two gigs of RAM will cover any program you need. Therefore, I see little benefit in upgrading your CPU; plus, you might foul up everything if you try. Based on your track record, I doubt it, but it´s possible.

  • Hi Vince53 thank you for your prompt reply, Their is a great deal of evidence that supports this 'CPU' upgrade but only in more modern Travelmates, and this upgrade makes a noticeable difference, A Bios upgrade is not only a must but essential I will post the outcome when or indeed if I go ahead with it, I have Located a mother board from a 290 series if this is the same cpu I will be building a bare/bones pc and this will tell me with-out doubt,