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3. Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation is a very powerful macro software that comes with a script editor, launcher, scheduler and of course, keyboard and mouse recorder suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The macro recording makes it really easy to automatically record an automation while programmers can create their own commands through the Gentee progamming language.

Using the Macro recorder & Excel constants is a great way to obtain VBA code which is easily translated/tweaked to AutoHotkey syntax! A lot of the time when I’m working on an AutoHotkey Script I can find great examples on the AutoHotkey Forum or Stack Overflow however sometimes I’m unable to find a similar example. The below video demonstrates how you can use the Macro Recorder in Excel.

An advantage in Perfect Automation is the ability to record the mouse events in relative coordinates instead of absolute which means your macro can still work on the active window even if it has been moved to a different position on the screen. In the script editor you can find over a hundred pre-made scripts to automate operations.

Download Perfect Automation

2. TinyTask

TinyTask is well known for being the smallest macro software at an amazing 33KB in size. With that kind of file size, you would expect a really simple application with probably only two functions such as record and playback but there is more than that.

TinyTask’s graphical user interface measures only 137 x 48 pixels which can be a little small for high resolution monitors and it has six buttons to open and save recordings, record and play, compile the macro to an independent executable file, options to change the playback speed, repeat playback and changing hotkeys. TinyTask would be most suited for basic computer users who don’t want to mess around with a macro editor.

Download TinyTask

1. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Our first choice for free macro software is Pulover’s Macro Creator which is based on the AutoHotkey language. It is easy to use and yet has all the features that we’re looking for such as compiling to EXE, repeat/loop playback, macro editing, hotkeys to start/stop recording/playback, customizing hotkeys, scheduler, speeding up playback and most importantly, very low memory usage. During testing, the compiled executable macro merely used up 1.2MB of memory when it is running and does not increase while it is being played repeatedly.

The installer, portable build and even the source code is available to download from the official website.

Download Pulover’s Macro Creator

Note: AutoIt and AutoHotkey are excluded from this list because both have become powerful scripting languages for Windows which can be a bit difficult for beginners. Although AutoIt and the older version of AutoHotkey v1.0 do come with a very basic macro recorder (Au3Record for AutoIt found in Extras folder and AutoScriptWriter in AutoHotkey v1.0), you may be better off with TinyTask to do the job, or Pulover’s Macro Creator if you need the extra macro editing capabilities.

The free iMacros addon available for Chrome and Firefox browser are added to the comparison table below but is also not included under our top 10 list because they are only used for browser automation and do not work on other desktop applications.

The tables below are a summary of the features from the 10 macro software listed above. The ability to compile a macro recording into an independent executable file is very useful to run the automation on a computer without installing the macro software. Repeat and loop is quite similar with the difference you get to define the exact amount of times for the macro to run in repeat while loop will just continue to run until you manually stop the playback. Schedule playback is for the macro to automatically run on a specific time. Speeding up playback can be useful under some circumstances but not all the time because sometimes you’ll need the extra delay for certain actions to complete. Finally the memory usage is measured when a macro is running.

We felt that hotkeys in macro software are very important to conveniently start and stop macro recording/playback so that the initial mouse movement recordings can be reduced. Other than that, when a macro is being played at an infinite loop, a hotkey to manually stop the macro playback when you’ve set it to run an infinite loop is also very important or else it can be quite difficult to terminate the process since there might be an action running at every second.


  • If you want a quick, simple and easy to use macro, we recommend TinyTask. It is more suitable for recording short and repetitive tasks or else you might end up re-recording multiple times just to get it right because unnecessary recorded actions might interfere with the playback. This is the drawback of not being able to edit the recorded macro.
  • Most of the free macro software is only capable of recording keyboard and mouse actions. Perfect Automation is the only free macro software that comes with over a hundred scripts to support commands for working with network, FTP, registry, files, folders, forms, messages, Internet, clipboard and etc.
  • Pulover’s Macro Creator, our first choice of macro software has the right balance. It is easy enough for a beginner to use while it offers complex actions for managing windows, controls, files, strings, search images/pixels on screen and even create If/Else Statements for advanced users to control the flow of macros. Other than that, the compiled recording takes up very little memory usage during playback.
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    robbi7 months ago

    i need a simple software thac could entry 16 digit data from excel to web.
    then the situation is, if the the digit more or less than 16 or doesnt match for the web entry, it wil be separated from the excel table.

    any suggestion for me?


    With Excel you can check the data conditions that you are mentioning and if the data is correct, then you place the correct information in another column. Once that column ins filled with correct data, minimouse will take that data cell by cell and use it as web entry. Is something really simple

    carlos5 months ago

    alt + f11, then f1.


Repetitive tasks arise during the day randomly, I need a macro recorder that is continuosly recording and with IA to detect when one task can be repeated automatically.

moura2 years ago

Jurij Fedorov, it is very simple. For example, I will show you how to record the text bellow into the key 1.

Whenever you press CTRL SHIFT 1, will show this text:


1. Execute CMD (command prompt) in administration mode.
2. Create the file 1.txt with the text NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT inside:
– type this: copy con 1.txt and press ENTER
– type this: NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT and press ENTER
– press key F6

3. Create file 1.bat:
– type this: copy con 1.bat and press ENTER
– type this: type 1.txt clip
– press key F6

4. Create a shortcut on your desktop to the file 1.bat. Example, if you file 1.bat is on c:, then create a shortcut on your desktop to the file c:1.bat

Finally, click the shortcut with the right button of the mouse, clin on properties, and then create the CTRL SHIFT 1 shorcut


I need some extremely simple software. I need to write text in the software itself and then when I click a button on my keyboard that text needs to be written. Then I will use 2 buttons for 2 different lines of text. Can’t seem to find this anywhere besides in the $5 Typer MurGee.

denilama2 years ago

You can do it with ShortKeeper (freeware)


I use AlomWare Actions alomware.com/actions.htm for typing text and moving the mouse, mainly because it also does app launching and window management too (setting windows on top, transparent, and such).

Martin Israel3 years ago

Agreed that Anthony Mathews Macromaker is the best of the lot. I used it for years on XP and Win 7 to automate everything except for washing the dishes and flushing the toilet. But does anyone know how to make it work on Win 10?


Anthony Matthews’ MacroMaker is still the best and most powerful macro utility IMHO:

vlad3 years ago

A new addition to the list is UiPath Studio. The Community Edition is FREE with lots of features for screen scraping, web and desktop automation and macro recording: uipath.com/automate/macro-recorder


What do you think about UiPath? It’s free for individual users: uipath.com/automate/macro-recorder

Karl3 years ago

Very Good article ! just WinParrot a new free software is missing…


I downloaded MiniMouse. The interface was reasonable but it wouldn’t let me escape playback by pressing Escape. Talk about a DUH feature. It wants instead for me to press Alt+F6. OMG yeah the macro is effing everything up I’ll just take five minutes to look up that… oh nm too late everything is gone. Idiots. I’m a programming and I once programmed a working app that wasn’t so ridiculous. You could make the shortcuts as ANY key you wanted, and why not? I wish I knew what I did with that.

tom3 years ago

Hey James. I’m reading your post and I have to say I totally disagree with you. You say ‘escape’ should be stop…what if I want to record Escape in my macro? So according to you I wouldnt be able to, it would stop recording. With Mini Mouse Macro you can define your keys to stop recording. So say your a ‘programming’, and you have created apps…it sounds like you do not know what you are talking about.


AutomatemyTasks also works great. worth giving a try

Macro (I mean Marco)4 years ago

excellent report, nicely done from 8+ years away


I think WeeScript Automation should also be a very good look

Bob Vote4 years ago

Wow, I went through four of these before finding Mouse Recorder Premium 1.0.46. While searching for reviews of Mouse Recorder Pro, I accidentally starting reading reviews for Mouse Recorder Premium.

Mouse Recorder Premium (MPR) optimizes mouse movement automatically! When you record a macro, it automatically streamlines your mouse movements. No more editing 16,000 lines of “move” events like Mini Mouse or Pulover’s ! You can wave the mouse around during recording and then click somewhere and the excess mouse movement is automatically reduced to point to point events. (You can probably tell I was stunned – and very pleased.)

Yes, MPR is free and easy to use. It can do sophisticated other things like finding a certain color or waiting for a web page to load, (I don’t use the advanced features) and it actually has step-by-step documentation that got me started right away.

Watch the video at mouserecorder.com and I think you will be as surprised as I was.

I am not associated in any way with anyone at mouserecorder.com (written by a German group) but I really do like the mouse optimization. I know this sounds like an ad – but after loading and trying four other recorders, this was a breath of fresh air…


I am a software engineer and multiple tasks are always a headache for me but after I tried these utilities I shocked! Multiple task run properly and memory management is also very good… very good utility guys…

julia4 years ago

Perform Repetitive Tasks awesome utility …. saving of time and well time management tool ……


Can anybody advise about the best automation software to open up hundreds of “Load more comments” link on a long reddit post?

For example,


So far , I have tried some of the recommendations here and also 4 other softwares I have found:

None of them works.

Thanks a million.

kiko6 years ago

I use the FREE Clicky Mouse from Macro Toolworks for my enviroment.

Macros by Mouse Actions:


Wow! This is the hands-down BEST article of its type, on this subject, that I’ve read…

…and, trust me, I’ve read a bunch. Thank you, Raymond!

Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com

Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

Wilfred Gombs6 years ago

Thanks a lot dear Raymond for this post


Once upon a time… Well, I don’t really understand Microsoft. Why does their evolution also mean a mandatory devolution too? Win 3.11 had a macro editor, a clipbook and some other programs and functions that were lost in time… I guess the XP was an accident, they probably fired the team that made it almost fully functional. Since then, every new version is fancyer, but somehow dumber.

barbiel11 years ago

awesome stuff and really useful


Wow, I love Do It Again. I work with computer mainentance and to install Windows, all the softwares and updates take a very long time. Besides, all my tries with NLite, Almeza, etc. were failed. Hope it’s as good as I imagine…

Michael Y12 years ago

what happens if you know little or no script language??
i learning some Qbasic programing in school now, but it won’t help much…(at least that’s what i think….)


that was quite good but you still need to have good hold on coding then only this is going to benefit you

MR712 years ago

Ok Raymond, I’ll send it tomorrow, because I’ve installed the software in my work Pc. Thanks, so much!!! o/


Autoit is much more than just a macro generator, it has become a real programming language now. Supporting network communication,dll imports, gui,string manipulation and much more. Phirta rahoon dar badar mp3 download skull. I have used it for countless projects that had nothing to do with macros, and if you check the forums you can see the true power of this language.

vaibhav12 years ago

This was good to do work much easier and faster, but still you need to have some good knowledge of coding. If you are not ready to shed money, just go and do coding…


MR7, Frank did not reply my email. Can you contact me and give me your username for PowerShadow to generate your serial number?

MR712 years ago

Never thought about this, will give a shot…


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