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An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is well-defined as a motorized off-highway automobile that travels on non-pneumatic or low-pressure tires. The vehicle is also referred to as three-wheeler, quadricycle, quad, four-wheeler or four-track. The seat of an ATV is designed in such a manner that the operator can straddle it and the handlebars for stable steering control. As the name suggests, this vehicle is meant to be able to move on different terrains, including rough ones as compared to the other automobiles.

All-Terrain Vehicles come in two designs: II ATVs which are designed to accommodate the operator only. II ATVs are designed to accommodate the operator and one passenger. Though this vehicle is legally accepted on streets in some counties, legalized to be on streets in some states in countries such as the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Arctic Cat 400 Operator's Manual. Arctic Cat Emission Control System Limited Warranty Arctic Cat Inc., P.O. Box 810, Thief River Falls, MN 56701 (hereinafter referred to as Arctic Cat) warrants that this new Arctic Cat ATV manufactured on or after January 1st, 1997: A. Record the Vehicle Identification Number and Engine Serial. Arctic cat vehicle identification number location. 2001 Arctic cat. How to find a VIN number on your atv. Arctic cat vehicle identification number location. 2001 Arctic cat. Skip navigation.

ATVs are mainly manufactured by:

  • Suzuki;
  • Club car;
  • Kawasaki;
  • Cfmoto;
  • Honda;
  • Hammerhead;
  • Kymco;
  • Arctic Cat;
  • Karavan;
  • Can-Am;
  • E-Z-Go;
  • Yamaha;
  • Polaris.

How to do ATV VIN Number Check?

Are planning to purchase an All-Terrain Vehicle but you are worried about its present condition? Maybe you want to know the real design of the ATV and its current features without much hassle and quickly? No worries! We have you covered! Our website allows you to perform everything by just a click of an icon. The only thing we require you to perform is to initiate a complete VIN Check. Essentially, our aim as a reputable online check service is to offer our clients with reliable and effective ATV VIN search tools we have now and the updated date concerning the ATV they plan to purchase. You can rest assured that you will obtain the information you need concerning any ATV you have chosen. We provide this info inform of free ATV record report in just some few minutes.

Where is the VIN Location on ATV?

The VIN is a code made of 17 digits that acts as a code or an ID for a vehicle. This code is the same in ATV as on cars. However, to know where the VIN is located in an ATV depends on its maker, but in most cases, it is embedded on the frame, on left ATV side, underneath the shifter on an open site.


Generally, VIN for Honda ATV is embedded on the front crossmember which is usually built behind the rack at the front. However, you may not see it easily if you are using custom skid plates. But you can unravel it quickly and see the VIN.

For the Honda Rancher ATV, the VIN is located on the crossmember built at the front of ATV.



The locations where the VIN of Yamaha ATVs is fixed might vary depending on the model. However, all ATV numbers for Yamaha are embedded on the frame, below it.


Here is a table to show the location of different models of Polaris quads:

Polaris ModelLocation of VIN
Polaris Trail BossFront wheel well
Polaris Scrambler
Polaris outlaw
Polaris trailblazerFront left wheel well
2011 Polaris HawkeyeFront left wheel well
2013 Polaris HawkeyeLeft rear frame
Polaris Sportsman 550,850 &XP 1000Front left wheel well
2011-14 Polaris Sportsman 400,450,500,700,800 &ETXLeft rear frame
2017-2018 Polaris Sportsman 6x6Right rear wheel well


The location of Suzuki ATV VIN varies depending on the make and model year.

Here is a table showing VIN of various models of Suzuki ATV:

Suzuki ATV modelVIN location
Suzuki LTR 450On metal bar near the frame next to kicker area
Suzuki EigerOn left rear cross member along the mud wing
Suzuki 250 QuadrunnerOn the right rear bar near the taillight
300 King QuadOn the small flat plate. You can see it on the left rear frame member standing vertically
700 king QuadLeft rear frame, at the back of the wheel
QuadSport Z90The left rear side of the frame
Arctic Cat Serial Numbers Decoder Box

Generally, Suzuki typically embeds VIN on the opposite part of the muffler.

Arctic Cat

For the Arctic Cat, the VIN is located under the left front. You can see it easily when you look under the wheel well.


The VIN for Kawasaki AVN is entrenched on the frame but the left side underneath its engine. However, if you have nerf plates fixed, you may not see the VIN easily. Be keen when looking for the VIN since you can easily mistake it with the engine number since these are two different things.

ATV VIN History Report

Well, you might ask yourself, “Why do I need an ATV VIN lookup report?' this report is essential if you are planning to buy an ATV. All smart buyers ask for it. You don't need to have worries, especially when spending your hard-earned money on something you like. So how do you do it, and what do you get?

After you have located your VIN on your ATV and noted it somewhere, just key it in, in the search bar on our tool and then click the search button. Apart from obvious information about accidents, you will get the following information:

  • Mileage rollback - by making a comparison of the information recorded in the odometer, you will be able to know if the total kilometers covered were altered with to market the vehicle at higher rates.
  • Whether the ATV was hit by natural disasters like earthquakes or floods etc.
  • Recalls. You will be able to discover whether the vehicle had manufacturing problems and if they were adequately addressed or not.
  • ATV specifications. You will be able to know aspects such as original body color and equipment.
  • Loans and liens. You will know whether there is any financial obligation attached to the car, e.g., collaterals.
  • Theft. Was the vehicle stolen at some point? What happened later?
  • The ATV accident history if it was involved in any.
  • Floods records.
  • Past title changes.
  • Last odometer recordings.
  • Details of registration.
  • If the car was ever used as a taxi or rental services.
  • Impact of the car on the environment, especially pollution;
  • Repairs.

VIN Look Up ATV for Stolen

ATVs are a high-priced hobby. So, you can buy a second-hand ATV and save some money. This is beneficially, especially if your family like ATVs and you have to get four or more to make them happy. But what about if you are not able to meet that due to financial constraints? Well, used ATVs is the option.

However, note that purchasing a second-hand ATV has its own share of disadvantages. You might be spending a lot of money to buy a stolen machine or a defective one. Doing VIN check for ATV is not only essential when buying a used ATV, but also when you want to buy a new one.

So, it is vital to check the VIN number to know the stolen automobiles to avoid colliding with authority. For instance, if you purchase a stolen quad and you don’t know whether you bought a stolen quadricycle, that will not be an excuse. So, this is why it is mandatory to use stolen VIN checker on our website.

Steps to get ATV VIN history

Our process is quite straightforward. Go to our site and feed in the VIN in the search bar of our online checker. All the information will be displayed immediately.

Here are simplified steps to follow:

  1. Key in the ATV VIN into our online checker.
  2. Click “Check Now” icon.
  3. Receive the result report, which is usually short but informative.
  4. Read the results from your PC, phone, or laptop.

Now that you know how to carry out ATV check, no time to linger, use our ATV VIN finder to get your ATV history report Now!