As511 Protocol Manual

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As511 Protocol Manual

PROTOCOL MANUAL MODEL FWD-42PV SONY Corporation Home Electronics Network Company (User Control) Preliminary as of February 22, 2005.

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Lynn Linse

I'm starting a project to network into older Siemens equipment by serial port/protocol - specifically S5. Any suggestions of which protocol(s) will support the MOST old & new equipment. Multi-drop is NOT required - point-to-point is Ok. PC/DDE/OPC servers are irrelevant - I need to do the protocol work on a small embedded system to mount with the S5.
I've heard of things like AS511 and R3946, but am not a Siemens expert & want feedback as to what are common older protocols.
I repeat, the S7 are not in my scope yet - so PPI or MPI are not yet required.
Lynn August Linse, Snr Prod App Engr