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Cara melakukan solat lima waktu 1. Solat subuh (2 rakaat) Usalli fardhaz subhi raka'ataini adaan lillahi ta'ala Sahaja aku sembahyang fardhu subuh dua rakaat (.Sila rujuk) tunai kerana Allah Ta'ala. Takbiratul ihram Allahuakbar 2. Rakaat pertama Doa Iftitah dalam bacaan rumi. DOA SELAMAT DAN TAHLIL(rumi).pdf. Susunan Bacaan Tahlil Arwah Lengkap Singkat Dan Ringkas Beserta Doa-nya. Tahtim & Tahlil.



A Secondary school with Excellent Active, Balance, Caring Education Positive Attitude, Responsible, Respect & Teamwork Vol. 3 Issue 3 Third Term (July - Sept 2012)


e 1

PROGRAM KEPIMPINAN BAGI PREFEKS & PRS 2012 2nd June & 3rd June 2012


On the 4th June 2012, Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan was chosen by Ministry of Educa-tion to receive a visit by delegates from the Admiralty Secondary School, Singapore. The school

welcomed the delegates with Hadrah performance and photo session at the dome area. The

Deputy Principal of Academic, Cikgu Hjh Aiasah Hj Japar gave her welcoming speech after

recital of Al-Fatihah and Doa by Hj Noor Mohd Azrul Azni Hj Nordin, followed by a short video

presentation. After the introductory session for teachers and buddies, the delegates went on

school tour which includes the computer room, edexcel room, art room, pre-voc room, science

lab and English reading room.

After the tour, they gathered at the AVA room to enjoy an entertaining performance by the Gu-

lintangan Club headed by Cikgu Zarina Binti Hj Juned. The students from Admiralty Secondary

School also gave a short presentation and an interesting performance to depict life as Singapo-

rean students. Some prefects were also selected to give a short presentation about Sekolah

Menengah Sayyidina Hasan.

During lunchtime, Cikgu Hjh Salmiah Binti Hj Ladi demonstrated ambuyat making session. Stu-

dents from Admiralty School were very interested and they also decided to taste and tried to

make the ambuyat themselves. There were also served varieties of local dishes prepared by

some of the Sayyidina Hasan teachers for lunch.

After lunch, some of the teachers had a short sharing session about the style of teaching in

Singapore and what they offered to the students. They also commented that the school in Bru-

nei offered huge varieties of co-curriculum activities and their students were particularly interest-

ed in the Glee Club.

Finally, the students from Admiralty School with their buddies joined the afternoon session as-

sembly and entered specific classes to observe the learning process being done in Sekolah

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Menengah Sayyidina Hasan. They exchanged souvenirs before leaving.

Dalam mengasah bakat kepimpinan di kalangan ahli Prefek dan PRS, satu sesi orientasi telah pun di adakan di Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan dan Pulau Berambang pada 2hb Jun dan 3hb Jun 2012.

Antara lain objektif bagi program tersebut diadakan adalah untuk memberikan pendedahan kepada

prefek dan pembimbing rakan sebaya sekolah menengah sayyidina hasan tentang ciri-ciri seorang pem-


Program dilancarkan oleh Pengetua Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan, Cikgu Hj Metusin Bin Hj Jais di

ikuti dengan sesi suai kenal yang dikendalikan oleh Kaunselor SMSH, Cikgu Haji Taif Bin Hj Gharif. Anta-

ra aktiviti yang di laksanakan pada hari pertama adalah pembentangan TPOV yang disampaikan oleh Guru Kanan, Cikgu Hj Md Fadhillah

Bin Hj Ismail dan ceramah bertajuk Kepimpinan yang di sampaikan oleh Cikgu Ali Yusri Bin Hj Ghafor, Pemangku Ketua Bahagian Kaunsel-

ing Dan Kerjaya di Jabatan Sekolah-sekolah. Ceramah dari Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council bertajuk Ke Arah Pemimpin Pelajar Yang Ber-

integriti mengakhiri program hari pertama.

Hari Kedua diteruskan lagi dengan aktiviti yang mengambil tempat di Pulau Berambang. Seawal 6.30 pagi lagi, peserta berkumpul di kawasan

jeti waterfront untuk mendengar taklimat dari Borneo Guide sebelum bertolak. Aktiviti perkumpulan segera di mulakan di Rumah Ketua Kam-

pung Menunggol dan pada sebelah petang, penuntut beserta fasilitator bergerak ke Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang sebagai aktiviti penutup acara

program kepimpinan.

Adalah di harapkan melalui aktiviti ini, penuntut-penuntut yang terlibat akan dapat menyemai sifat-sifat kepimpinan dan membuka minda serta

lebih peka akan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang Prefek dan PRS. Di samping itu juga, melalui aktiviti ini akan dapat mendedahkan para pe-

serta dengan pengalaman baru selaku individu yang berani menghadapi setiap cabaran dalam kehidupan seharian.


e 2

Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan held a flag hoisting ceremony in conjunction with His Majestys 66th Birthday Celebration this year. Prin-cipal, Deputy Principles, Senior Masters, teachers and students includ-

ing uniform cadets were present during the ceremony.



27th June & 28th June 2012


2nd July 2012

Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School held a Parent-teacher Meet-ing on the 29th June 2012 for year 11 students. The purpose of the meeting was to show mid-year results and to give pointers for the upcoming qualifying exam. Such meetings are important to determine how parents can assist their children in preparing for upcoming examinations, whether it is through assistance with homework and revision or support to build up a student's confidence.

Our school held its Sports Day closing ceremony on 23 June 2012, attended by the school's Principal, Hj Metusin Bin Hj Jais as the guest of honour. The ceremony started with the final

games of Futsal and Badminton which took place simultaneously at the futsal area and the

school multi purpose hall. Pahlawan came as champion followed by Perwira and Satria in

second and third place respectively.

After the tournament ended, students and teachers gathered at the school hall to do aero-

bics which was followed closely by a video presentation of 3R and 24 hour business plan.

The guest speaker, Cikgu Haji Metusin Bin Haji Jais delivered a short speech before the

prize presentation to the overall sports house winners. The certificate presentation to the 3R

winners came next and lastly the tokens of appreciation were awarded to the sponsors of

Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan Humanitarian Mission to Cambodia. The event ended

with a group photo session.


29th June 2012



PERWIRA 8 5 13

SATRIA 7 8 13



Sayyidina Hassan Secondary School hosted an extended course for the PRS for Secondary schools in Cluster III - SM

Awang Semaun, SM Masin, SM Sayyidina Husain, SM Rimba,

SM Rimba II, SM Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab and Ma'had Is-

lam Brunei. The objectives of the course are to be implement-

ed in order PRS members can understand and master the

principles of communication skills and working with their

friends, teachers, families and others. In addition, the students

will be able to understand and assess the strengths and weak-

nesses. The course also encouraged the PRS students to

promote culture of mutual trust, respect, and affection between

friends and school community.


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e 3


2nd July 2012


5th July 2012


Sempena sambutan Isra Mikraj, Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan telah mengadakan ce-ramah di perpustakaan sekolah bagi pelajar-pelajar tahun 7 yang di sampaikan oleh Ustaz

Isham bin Ismail dari Pusat Dakwah Islamiah, Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama.

Acara bermula dengan bacaan Surah al-Fatihah oleh Mohammad Alaf bin Hj Redawan di ikuti

dengan persembahan Zainul Quraan Surah Al Israa ayat 1 oleh pelajar-pelajar lelaki tahun 7A,

7D dan 7G. Di antara agenda-agenda yang ada pada hari tersebut adalah seperti sesi soal

jawab terbuka bersama pelajar dan pemberian hadiah saguhati soal jawab lisan oleh Timbalan

Pengetua kepada pelajar.

Acara pada hari itu berakhir dengan penyampaian cenderahati dan sijil penghargaan kepada

penceramah undangan oleh Guru Kanan Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Pentadbiran sesi petang, Cikgu

Hj Md Fadhillah bin Hj Ismail.

In conjunction in the month of Ramadhan and the up-coming Hari Raya Celebration, our school held a human-

itarian mission to help unfortunate families. This year a

total of seven families were chosen and donation was in

the form of foods.

Bacaan Tahtim Pdf

A signing agreement for parents and students was held for those students who are continuing for their Edexcel Programme in Year

12K (SAP).


The ceremony at the schools hall was attended by Yang Mulia Ustazah Dayang Hjh Siti Rahmah Bte Hj Julaihi, an officer from Unit Pen-

gislaman, Pusat Dawah Islamiah, Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama. The Khatam was held on the 9th August 2012 for the teachers, staff and

the Muslimah groups from the Kg Bunut Mosque and the Kg Mulaut Surau.

The ceremony began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah led by the schools principal, Cg Hj Metusin Bin Hj Jais and followed by the mass

reading of Surah-surah Lazim by those who