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The serial number on the boot cap is 90xx, and the serial number on the top of the boot joint under the strap hook is 196xx. It plays better than the school schreiber bassoon I normally use, aside from not being able to play below g due to leaks. Edit: Perhaps I should add, it says Shreiber & Sohne as well as Nauheim on the logo.

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We are offering this lovely Schreiber & Sohne intermediate level bassoon in gently used condition for a fabulous price. This bassoon is an older version of the modern S16 which retails between $10,000 and $15,000. Serial number 14073 places the date of manufacture to Nauheim, Germany c.1962. This bassoon has been checked over in our shop and has been fine tuned for perfect feel and playability. Plays with a rich dark tone and a fluid response. The older model offered here does not have a high 'D' key as on the modern models. All other features appear to be the same. The condition is excellent with only a bit of finish wear around the key touch areas. No tool marks, damage or signs of abuse anywhere on the instrument. The pads appear to be new or replaced within the last few years. There is a little wear evident on some of the keys but nowhere is the plating worn through. Comes with the original case and 2 bocals stamped Schreiber, Made in Germany, #2 and #3.
A great deal on a great instrument that carries the famous Schreiber name. You can be sure to get a good resale value if moving up to a professional instrument.
The specs are as follows:

Key of C. Alpine maple body, 25 keys, 5 hard rubber tonehole linings, 4 rollers, 2 bocals (F #2, F #3). Includes original velvet lined wood shell case.
Thanks for looking and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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