Binatone Sat Nav Voice S

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Binatone Sat Nav Voice S Rating: 8,3/10 3557 reviews

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Hi back again, just been given a sat nav which is a Binatone B430 (will do me for my motorcycle) Can I install igo or TT on this device and if so, any links in which to use for the most recent that can be installed Thanks.

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BINATONE CARRERA X350 GPSSat nav (gps) systems on ebay can be a great bargain,but please remember where you are going to be travelling,will you be travelling to the continent ? or just using the item for work or destinations within the uk and ireland.???If the latter is your for-tay,then the BINATONE CARRERA X350 System will be right up your street.I won mine via ebay at what i thought to be a very good price of £65.91 back in january 0f this year (2008).Cosmeticaly this item is stunning looking,finished in a black surround which is rubberised for the protction side and a slight touch of graphite around the edges,all in all it is very pleasing to the eye.The BINATONE CARRERA X350 should arrive with full operating guide,windscreen/dash mount and obviously the ciggerette charger.FEATURES.As stated at the begining of this review you have full acsess to the uk NAVTEC network.(no europe coverage)The X350 is equiped with a very reasonable sized 3.5' lcd monitor,which i was very suprised with,if you search the set up menu you can adjust brightness and contrast,which make the screen/map veiwing superb.The X350 is touch screen operational and so far i have found this to work better than any other touch screen i have used.Audio aspect of the X350 exceeds that of many more expensive models on the market at present,including my former GARMIN NUVI purchased for £149 (which gave up the ghost after 5 weeks (HALFORDS SAID IT HAD WATER DAMAGE.does my car leak ???),audio on the X350 is via a very english spoken female voice and is extremely clear and understanable.On the drivers side edge of the bit of kit,there is also a sd card slot,mini usb connection for charging purposes,3.5mm headphone socket and a a TMC aerial socket that allows transmition of FM TRAFFIC WARNING SIGNALS.PERFORMANCE..I will say that th X350 performs far better than i expected,for the money i paid and compared to my previous Garmin Nuvi.Firstly. I very lightly put my post code in (which is lincoln)to my destination,which was a post code in south wales.The X350 took approx 20 seconds to find the destination (A LOT FASTER THAN MY GARMIN 50-80 seconds),i followed these instructions via the rather cute female voice and watching my position on the exeptionaly clear screen and with no problems what so ever found my destination whithin 5 hrs,a journey of 257 miles.My next test excursion was from my home town in Lincoln to Inverness (Scotland)a journey of 502 miles (post code to post code.Once again the X350 turned in a top performance,i even took a stop off on the A9 at Pitlochry a diversion of only 1/2 mile..BUT THE X350 new that i had done it and warned me.then to my supprise after stoping in Pitlochry for over 2 hours the X350 asked me !!! WOULD I LIKE TO KEEP MY ORIGINAL POST CODE DESTINATION.ALL I HAD TO DO WAS PRESS YES ON THE TOUCH SCREEN..and i was away again,I FOUND MY DESTINATION including the 2 hr stop off within 11.5 hrs (tired but happy).The X350 has continued to work beyond all my expectations ever since.SUMMARY..A superb Sat Nav system for the UK & IRE users **NAVTEC**,Excellent 3.5' screen,mind blowing (cute) English audio and superb easily readable maps,which show your location as you travell,unbelievable memory and dont forget you can even save your journeys via your sd card.I think you will struggle to get a cheaper and better UK/IRE sat nav than the BINATONE CARRERA X350Read full review