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LinkNavigator Setup (LS-XHL, LS-CHL) To set up your LinkStation (initial setting), from your computer, you will need to install Link. Navigator, which is included on the Utility CD. NAS Navigator2 program, which will also be installed during set up, can be used to open shares on the unit.

1. pyload on a Router?

The advantage in installing pyLoad on a Router is quite obvious: You don`t need to run your Computer several hours to make your Downloads. Your electricity saving Router can do this for you.
As pyLoad is written in python, it is possible to install it on a Router (if it supports this). The Router needs also a USB-connection for a Harddrive and you need a USB-Harddrive.

You can install pyLoad on the following Routers/NAS-Devices:

  • most Router from Asus
  • the Buffalo Linkstation live v3 and pro v3
  • NAS-Devices with Optware (like Conceptronic and D-Link)

2. Installation

2.1 Asus

Buffalo linkstation software

On the Router have a special Firmware (Linux) to be installed, which adds many functions for the Router, like

  • Email-Server
  • Website-Server
  • and: pyLoad support

installing pyLoad

Tip: Text files can be edited with nano [File]. A line can be deleted with Ctrl+k

2.2 Buffalo LinkStation

There is no Danger for your Router. Changes can be simple be made reversed by deleting the pyLoad folder.

  1. Opening the Box

To make it possible to connect to the Box with telnet, you need to Download the acp_commander and save it on your PC.

Be sure to have java installed. Then open with start-run-cmd the windows command line and go to the acp_commander folder. then type:

acp_commander.jar -t [IP.OF.THE.BOX] -o -addons

Be sure to have your Firewall deactivated, to have the procedure running well.

  1. Installing of needed packages

To install the needed packages for pyLoad, we need to load the following file onto the hard drive of the box: http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/cs05q3armel/cross/stable/lspro-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

Then you need putty to connect trough telnet with the box (how that works everybody should know) The username is root and the password is empty. Navigate to your bootstrap file:

cd /mnt/disk1/[rest of the path to your file]then type ./lspro-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

now should be the following things to be installed when done:

ipkg updateipkg upgrade

so you can have your system always stayed up-to-date.

Now you can download the rest of the packages:

ipkg install pythonipkg install py25-cryptoipkg install py25-curlipkg install py25-djangoipkg install tesseract-ocripkg install unzipipkg install screenipkg install nanoipkg install tesseract-ocr-lang-eng

  1. Download the newest Version of pyLoad

just Download and extract it on the harddrive of your box.

  1. Adjusting the file

editing the config

cd /mnt/disk1/[rest of the path to your file]nano --nowrap config

then edit the config to your needs

write at listenaddr the ip of your box

  1. starting pyLoad

type in putty:

screen -dmS pyload python /mnt/disk1/[rest of the path to your file]/pyLoadCore.py

From now on pyLoad should be available from http://[IP.OF.THE.BOX]:[PORT.SET]

You can also use the command line interface which is saved in the pyLoad folder.

Salvation army brass instruments serial numbers. ./pyLoadCli.py -l

just use the values from the config-file

Thats all, have fun with pyLoad.

Greets, N3m3515


Chapter 1 - The Init-File /etc/init.d/rcS

You will have to edit it(with vi!), to start the Optware in front of the Extensions.

vi /etc/init.d/rcS

To Edit press “i”, save and exit with ESC than ZZ(Shift+zz)!

Chapter 2 - The Start-Script

Download the S90pyload-Script(Forum) and copy it to your “share”-Folder.

Change the Fileextension from *.sh.txt to *.sh and copy to /etc/rc.d/extensions/

mv /mnt/disk1/share/S90pyload.sh.txt /etc/rc.d/extensions/S90pyload.sh

Do not use Wordpad to edit or view it, or it will lose its Formatation!!!! ALWAYS use vi!!!

Give the File the right Permissions.

chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/extensions/S90pyload.sh

In S90pyload.sh change the Path to your Pyload-Installation(with vi!).

vi /etc/rc.d/extensionsS90pyload.sh

Chapter 3 - Alternative Configfolder

Create a new Folder for your future Config, for Example ”/mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/”

mkdir /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/

Copy the Content of ”/root/.pyload/” to your new Folder.

(Attention! Pyload MUST have been started, configured and quit for at least one Time!!!)

cp /root/.pyload/pyload.conf /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/pyload.conf

cp /root/.pyload/pyload.db /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/pyload.db

cp /root/.pyload/accounts.conf /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/accounts.conf

cp /root/.pyload/plugin.conf /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/plugin.conf

cp /root/.pyload/files.db /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/files.db

cp /root/.pyload/files.db-journal /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/files.db-journal

cp /root/.pyload/files.version /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/files.version

Change to Folder ”/mnt/…/pyload/module/config/”.

Type into Console:

touch configdir

nano configdir

Now type in the new Cofigfolder /mnt/disk1/optware/.pyload/ and save.

After the next Reboot, Pyload and its Webinterface should be Available. Greets ZeroCoolRiddler

2.3 NAS-Devices with Optware

There are tutorials available in English and German:

  • Englisch nas-tweaks.net
  • Deutsch wolf-u.li