Cara Aquamarine Effect For Canon

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Picture Style files extend the functionality of Picture Style.
You will find them useful when you want to further adjust the image to match the scene.
They can also be applied to the software bundled with EOS DIGITAL as well as to the cameras themselves.
Expresses the delicate features of the subject and translucent skin in smooth tones.
Expresses translucent skin with well-modulated contrast irrespective of whether the shots are taken indoors or out.
Generally expresses radiant and translucent skin tones with vivid and well-modulated contrast.

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Produces an overall amber tone with desaturated blues and greens.
Contrast is emphasized to provide more depth and clarity.
Renders bright and vivid aerial and aquatic blues.
Image characteristics similar to images shot with Canon's professional digital video camera (X series) and contrast is softer than Standard in Picture style.
If you are using an older version, please update to the latest software version before proceeding.
<Software compatible with Picture Style files (.pf2)>
EOS DIGITAL software: Digital Photo Professional Ver. 3.0 or later, EOS Utility Ver. 2.0 or later, and RAW Image Task Ver. 2.6 or later.
In contrast to the other Picture Style files, “Studio Portrait” and “Snapshot Portrait” are only supported by Digital Photo Professional Ver. 3.1, EOS Utility Ver. 2.1 and RAW Image Task Ver. 2.7, and later versions.
There are two ways to use Picture Style files. The first is to upload the Picture Style file to the camera for use while shooting. The second is applying the Picture Style file to the software, and then performing post-processing on the shot.
The provided Picture Style files are intended to be effective in a very limited number of scenes. Consequently, they do not guarantee that images can always be generated as users expect. In addition, if they are used to shoot casual scenes, they may cause unnatural images to be generated. We will recommend photographing with RAW.To ensure that you can use all Picture Style files, download the latest version of Digital Photo Professional from Canon's Web site.With Digital Photo Professional Ver. for Mac OS X, saving the multiple RAW images in a bach-processing is not possible with the images Picture Style file applied.
Please visit Canon's website and download Digital Photo Professional Ver. or later for its full compatibility.