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Extremely popular with children and the children-at-heart, 'Pokemon' is a video game produced originally for Nintendo's hand-held game system, the 'Game Boy.' 'Pokemon Crystal' is one of the products of 'Generation II,' which also included 'Pokemon Gold/Silver.' 'GameShark,' a device that allows gamers to cheat, has codes that help gamers succeed in their quest to capture all the Pokemon. One such cheat involves item generation, which can include the level-raising 'Rare Candy.'

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pokemon: Crystal Version (Game Boy Color, 2001) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Listed below are Pokemon Crystal cheats in Gameshark codes that will work for Game Boy Color consoles or emulators. The GameShark codes include the popular cheat codes such as the walk through walls, rare candies, Pokeballs, stats, wild Pokemon and some other useful cheats intended to improve and maximize your Pokemon crystal gaming experience.

Enable Item Scrolling

To begin item creation and modification, allow 'GameShark' to enable 'Item Scrolling' so that you can see all of the items. Type the following code into 'GameShark': 91xx92D8. Replace 'xx' with the number of item slots that you are currently using. You may use digits '01' through '10.'

Select a Slot

Select a slot for your rare candy to go into. Since you enabled item scrolling, you now have 17 slots for items to go into. Use the following codes for each item slot: (1) 91xx93D8 (2) 91xx95D8 (3) 91xx97D8 (4) 91xx99D8 (5) 91xx9BD8 (6) 91xx9DD8 (7) 91xx9FD8 (8) 91xxA1D8 (9) 91xxA3D8 (10) 91xxA5D8 (11) 91xxA7D8 (12) 91xxA9D8 (13) 91xxABD8 (14) 91xxADD8 (15) 91xxAFD8 (16) 91xxB1D8 (17) 91xxB3D8.

Replace 'xx'

In those codes, replace the 'xx' again, this time with the code for 'Rare Candy,' which is '20.' Other important codes that you could insert here are '01' for a Master Ball or '72' for a Rare Candy Bar. Insert these numbers with the above codes one at a time and activate them to start filling up your item slots with rare candies. You can do this as many times as you wish. Just fill all 17 slots, go use them, and come back and do this again.

Modify Items

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Alternatively, you can modify the held items of your Pokemon to give them each a rare candy. To modify the item, use the following codes (parenthetical numbers are the corresponding Pokemon in your lineup): (1) 91xxE0DC (2) 91xx10DD (3) 91xx40DD (4) 91xx70DD (5) 91xxA0DD (6) 91xxD0DD. Replace the 'xx' with the same codes as before. Namely, use '20' for Rare Candy.

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