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Who doesn't hate Candy Crush and the endless Facebook invites? And, yet, hundreds of millions of users play these games. If you are stuck on a level and refuse to pay for any advantages through the in-game store, here's how to create Candy Crush Cheats and get infinite moves to pass even the hardest levels.

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This guide is purely for educational purposes. Candy Crush cheats are probably against the game's Terms of Service and could theoretically result in having your game account banned.

By following this guide, you assume full responsibility for your actions and any consequences.

Also, to use Candy Crush cheats, we need to play the Facebook version on a PC on our browser. This guide won't work on a smartphone or iOS / Android tablet.

Table of Contents

  • How to create Candy Crush cheats with Cheat Engine

How to create Candy Crush cheats with Cheat Engine

When we play a game, every piece of information we see on-screen is stored in one or more memory addresses in the system's RAM. Our game lives, our game money, our resources, our bonuses, every bit of information is numbers in the RAM.

So, what if we could access the RAM in some way, and change those numbers? This is where Cheat Engine comes into play.

Cheat Engine is a free and open source program that allows us to search for information on the system's RAM for a particular game or program and change it at will.

Instead of 3 lives, we can have 30, or 3,000. Instead of 132 dollars, we can have a million. Or a trillion. Or 375 Septonoagintillion (10213).

The above screenshot is from AdVenture Capitalist, by the way. If you are interested in hacking this game, leave us a comment.

We can use Cheat Engine to hack countless games, and we will cover its full functionality in a separate guide.

Download and install Cheat Engine

For this guide on how to hack Candy Crush Saga, we just need to install the latest Cheat Engine version from Ceiling fan model 5745 manual.

Just make sure you skip the 'Search Manager' nonsense twice.

Also, during the installation, it's best to avoid installing any third-party apps, such as ByteFense, or whatever useless nonsense the app will try to trick us into installing. Just uncheck they 'I agree' checkbox.

An excellent way to avoid these potentially unwanted programs (P.U.Ps) on any installation is by using Unchecky.

After the installation, it's up to you if you follow the Cheat Engine tutorial. We will take you through all the necessary steps to create Candy Crush cheats.

Log into Facebook and fire up Candy Crush Saga

With Cheat Engine running, we just open a browser, log into Facebook, and start Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crash Soda Saga, or any other similar game. If you 've never played Candy Crush on Facebook, you will find it at

If you have connected your Facebook account with the game on your smartphone or tablet, your progress will appear on the Facebook version.

We can select the current level or a previous level where we want to get the top score among our friends.

It's not important whether we choose any boosters or not. But it's better if we don't because we won't be needing them. With the Candu Crush cheats, it will be impossible to lose at this level or any level.

So, the high-score to beat is 144,880. We start the level and have 45 moves.

This is when we switch to Cheat Engine.

Select the browser process through Cheat Engine

This step is the most crucial for the Candy Crush cheats. Firstly, we click on the computer icon on the upper left-hand side of the Cheat Engine window.

Then, and this is important, we select the Processes tab, then the last of the chrome.exe processes, and click on 'Open.

If we select the 'Applications' or the 'Windows' tab, the Candy Crush cheats won't work.

How to create a Candy Crush cheats for infinite moves

Creating the Candy Crush cheat is as simple as entering the current number of our moves at the 'Value:' field (in the example '45'), and clicking 'First Scan.' We don't need to change any other of the settings.

This will produce hundreds of addresses containing '45'.

Then, back on Candy Crush Saga, we make a move, any move, so our moves counter goes down by one.

On Cheat Engine, we replace the value with the new number of moves (44 in the example), and click on 'Next Scan.'

Now, only one address remains that went from 45 to 44, and that is the memory address containing the number of our moves.

Finally, we right-click the address, select 'Change value of selected addresses'..

..and change this number to any integer, like 390. We click on OK.

Well, what do you know? We now have 390 moves in the game.

Even if we are the worst player that has ever played Candy Crush Saga, even if we have no strategy whatsoever, even it takes us more than 100 moves to finish the stage, it doesn't matter; it's only a matter of time.

Even if we are so terrible that we nearly run out of the 390 moves, we can repeat the right-click -> 'Change value of selected addresses' and set the number of moves back to 400, or whatever.

What's best? Whenever we finish a stage, we gain bonus points for our remaining moves. The result is a high score that will put to shame any and all of our friends.

Rinse and repeat

On the next stage, the memory address containing the number of moves won't be the same.

We just click on 'New Scan' and repeat the initial process, adding the current number of moves and clicking 'New Scan,' spending a move, new value, 'Next Scan,' etc.

If on the second try we still get multiple memory addresses, we spend one more move and do a 'Next Scan' with the new number. It's a matter of time until we find the single memory address.

There is a limit to how many moves we can add, and is 2,147,483,647, which is the highest 32-bit integer. However, it's better to avoid choosing too large numbers.

The reason is that, with these figures, the end of stage bonus countdown will take forever.

Then again, with 5,000 moves we can set unprecedented high-scores, so there's that.

Our progress and scores will synchronize with Candy Crush Saga on our other devices if we have connected it to our Facebook account.

Other types of Candy Crush cheats

Finally, the Candy Crush cheats aren't only for unlimited moves. On stages with bombs, we can use the same method to change the bomb countdown. In the example, since there are multiple bombs, we will get multiple memory addresses, no matter what.

We just select them all, right-click -> Change value of selected addresses..

..and change it to whichever number we want.

Changing the value at over 99 will only show 0 on the bombs, but after that, they will reset to 9.

Can we hack Candy Crush Soda Saga and other games?

Cheat engine can hack Candy Crush Soda Saga as easily as Candy Crush Saga. The only difference is that two addresses are containing the number of moves, and we just need to change both of them.

The same hack will probably work for all 'Saga' games from King, and we wouldn't be surprised if it worked for many other single-player games.

However, we can't use cheat engine to hack multiplayer games, such as Clash of Kings or other similar titles. The reason is that games like these keep the real values on the server, so even if we change them locally in an illegal way, they will be modified back to the correct ones.

After all, a multiplayer game that would be that easy to hack wouldn't be a good game.

What's next: An in-depth presentation of Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is an excellent app and has way more features than the ones we saw in this guide. On a future guide, we will cover Cheat Engine in depth, for more types of games.

Stay tuned!

Did you manage to create Candy Crush cheats?

If anything on the guide didn't work as described, and you weren't able to create Candy Crush cheats, leave us a comment.

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