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The Control4 Home Automation system can control nearly all aspects of a customer’s smart home. Smart blinds and shades can be adjusted with the swipe of a finger via the Control4 platform or a customer’s smartphone. However, until recently, Control4 would only allow blinds and shades to be completely opened or closed. Now Control4 has added a feature that allows blinds to be adjusted to exact preferences. Customers can use a slider in the Control4 interface to choose what percentage the blinds or shades are opened or closed.

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Cinegration Development’s Hunter Douglas RQ driver allows customers with Hunter Douglas shades and blinds to utilize this great new feature with their Control4 system. This gives customers the freedom and control to allow just the right amount of light into the living room on a sunny afternoon or only open the blinds enough to let the dog to still see outside. No additional hardware is required to experience the complete customization that Control4 now allows for your blinds and shades!

This driver is for the RQ Bridge (ESI Motors). For PowerView Shades, please go to:


Two-way RS232 integration with ESI (now Hunter Douglas) shades and motors

  • Easy Setup
  • Two way control
  • New V2 Shade Proxy support!
  • Custom event for Contact switch on motor
  • Supports legacy driver
  • Supports Cinegration Trial and Showroom license

This driver is compatible with Control4 2.9.1 or higher. A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.

This driver is compatible with Hunter Douglas (previously ESI) shades and motors only. This driver uses RS232.


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • You can partially close your blinds or shades 30% to block the harsh rays of the high noon sun while still being able to see outside and allow light into the room.
  • Only open your blinds or shades 15% to allow your pup to see outside without sacrificing privacy.

What hardware will this work on?
This driver will work on any Control4 controller running OS 2.9.1 or higher.

How is this unit controlled?
This unit is controlled via RS232. Settings are 9600,8,none,1,none.

Does this driver control the existing RQ driver in the Control4 database?
This driver is a replacement for the previous RQ driver. It contains all the same features and adds the new Control4 V2 blind proxy features.

Does this driver allow a customer to use a slider bar on Control4 GUIs?
Yes. This driver uses the Control4 blind proxy and is fully compatible with 2.9.x update for blind controls

Can you stop and go to specific levels on the blinds?
Yes. Stop and level selection is built in.

I need tech support, where do I find it?
If you have a hardware problem, please call HunterDouglas directly. If you have questions or issues with the driver or integration, please go to: and submit a ticket.

Do you offer showroom discounts?
All Cinegration Development drivers support the DriverCentral showroom project.

Can I try this driver out before buying it?
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing.

Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC. All rights reserved.

A collection of Control4 drivers providing integration using various technologies along with other ancillary drivers. The Berto_Cloud should be installed first and is required for all other Berto drivers to function. The default service and subcription levels allows a single instance of any Basic level drivers to function in your project. A Premium level subcription is available that provides addtional drivers and extended features of some of the other drivers.

All Berto driver C4Z files are available for download at and should be installed by a Control4 dealer with Composer Pro. Should you require remote installation of any Berto driver you can also email [email protected]

The Berto Cloud driver also provides a programming action to send simple email messages and execute system commands on the local controller eg. to cleanly shutdown the controller in the event of a power cut or reboot.


Download the Berto Cloud driver and copy to your Control4 Drivers directory. Once installed all other available Berto drivers can be installed from the Properties page by selecting the driver and room and then the Install option from the Management Action property.

All Berto drivers require OS 2.10.0 or above.



  • Berto_Cloud - Master Berto driver which manages all installs and updates of the Berto drivers. The driver provides integration to MQTT brokers allowing the sending and receiving of IoT messages. The driver also provides the ability to send emails using the Berto email service.

  • Berto_Assist - Provides integration to Google Assistant.

  • Berto_MQTTBridge - Provides connection to MQTT brokers and IoT devices eg. Sonoff Relay, Homekit Bridge.

  • Berto_LifxBridge - Provides integration to Lifx devices on the local network without the need for an Internet connection or access to the Lifx Cloud.

  • Berto_MQTTRelay - A simple MQTT Relay driver that allows connection to any MQTT controlled relay device.

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  • Berto_SonoffRelay - Sonoff 4 Channel Relay driver for the Standard and Pro model.

  • Berto_ShellyRelay - Shelly Relay driver for the Shelly1, Shelly1PM, Shelly 2.5 and Shelly 4 Pro relays.

  • [Berto_Assist] - Provides integration to the Google Home Assistant service. (Premium subscription only, please email [email protected] for details).

  • Berto_Pushover - Provides integration to the Pushover messaging service.

  • Berto_IFTTT - Provides integration to the IFTTT Webhooks service.

  • Berto_OwnTracks - Provides integration to an OwnTracks location service.

  • Polk audio speakers. Berto_ABGateway - Provides integration to the April Beacon Gateway V4.0.

  • Berto_Hub - Provides integration to the Homekit and Flic Buttons via the Berto Hub.

  • Berto_HomeAssistant - Provides integration to Home Assistant.

  • Berto_Mail - Provides integration to most mail servers including SSL and TLS support.

  • Berto_Camera - Provides connection to any IP camera allowing for custom configuration of the relevant URL paths for the snapshot image and motion streams.


  • Berto_ShellyLight - Shelly Light driver for the Shell RGBW2 LED dimmer.

  • Berto_LifxBulb - Provides integration of Lifx bulbs with the Berto Lifx Bridge.

  • Berto_RelayLight - Simple On/Off Light driver that connects to a standard relay.

  • Berto_TuyaDimmer - Tuya Dimmer Compatible drvers for dimmers running Tasmota firmware with module 54.

Audio & Video

  • Berto_Humax_DTR-2000T - IR driver for the Humax Youview+ HD TV Recorder.

  • Berto_SkyQ - IP driver for the Sky Q & Sky Q Mini Boxes.

  • Berto_Kodi - IP driver for the for the Kodi Media Player.

  • Berto_NowTV - IP driver for the for the Now TV Player.

  • Berto_BenQ - IP driver for the for the BenQ range of projectors.


  • Berto_Profile - Provides user profile configuration used by other Berto drivers.

  • Berto_Scene - Provides simple device grouping and media control for use with the Berto Assist driver or direct from programming.

  • Berto_BeaconManager - Provides management of beacon gateways to beacon devices.

  • Berto_ButtonBeacon - Provides button state updates from beacons which are availabe in programming.

  • Berto_ProximityBeacon - Provides proximity updates from beacons which are availabe in programming.

  • Berto_TemperatureBeacon - Provides temperature updates from beacons which are availabe in programming.

  • Berto_FlicButton - Provides button state updates from Flic buttons which are availabe in programming.

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