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Hi, when i try to download this i got the message: 'You do not have permission to access this page. Download software numega smartcheck 6.2 rc2 rara. This could be because of one of the following reasons.

Black Dragon

Welcome to the 'official' site for Black Dragon , all important information regarding download , privacy and contacts can be found here.

  • Downloads can be found in the 'Downloads' tab of this Bitbucket Repository.
  • News and Update announcements can be found here: News and Updates Blog
  • The Source code and all commits can be found in the 'Commits' tab of this Bitbucket Repository.


Black Dragon, formerly known as Niran's Viewer is a Viewer created and designed to change the way you experience Second Life in a whole, starting by changing defaults, declining all sorts of bells and whistles no one needs, re-designing the User Interface and trying things other Viewers are too scared of. It's primary goal is to enhance and refine the visuals of Second Life as well as having unique design approaches and features.

Main Features:

These are subject to change.

  • Materials
  • Server Side Baking
  • Local Bitmaps 3.0
  • Chat Range Rings
  • Direct Delivery
  • Custom Animation Speeds
  • Pie Menus
  • Qarl's Aligning Tool
  • De-render
  • Restrained Love (a)
  • Visual Enhancements
  • Fitted Mesh
  • Bento
  • Animesh

Recommended System Requirements:

  • CPU: AMD Quad Core with 3.000 MHz or similar.
  • GPU: NVidia Geforce GTX 600 series or higher.
  • RAM: 8 GB or more.
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit Edition

Additional info:

You can find Help , request Features or discuss about Bugs and Features in the Forums here:Nirans Viewer / Black Dragon Forum


As mentioned above you can find all downloads here: Downloads



  1. You can contact me personally: secondlife:///app/agent/a7fe20fa-1e95-4f87-aa8f-86496c78c1e5/inspect
  2. You can contact my group and ask there: secondlife:///app/group/d2ba3314-b9f7-ded7-40ad-b0c276acd1bd/about
  3. You can send me an e-mail directly: @Googlemail


For information about Privacy Policy please visit:Privacy Policy


This software is not provided, supported or sponsored by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

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