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Welcome to our online store! You can choose from the options below to select the software that is right for you. Our online store will handle the all the payments and deliver your software automatically and securely day or night. Our prices are a one time payment unless you want to upgrade later on. Updates are free for 6 months, and the members section is accessible for one year. If you want to change your package later, you can always upgrade for about the difference in price!

How to use Our Craigslist Software Auto Flagger

Our software is very simple to use, here is basically how it works: When you search your target keyword, all the ads come up. A button on the left omits the ads not to be touched (your ads, and friendly competitors) Click the flag button next to that, and the software opens the window, clicks the ad, closes the window, ejects the used cookies, and requests the correct new ones.

Don’t interfere with the cookies, you need them to fire a shot, our software makes sure the correct ones are in place, and the bad ones are removed at the correct time. The panel of buttons on the left under the search have 4 functions.

Flag all” goes down the list and flags each ad that is not hidden. Then the cookies are ejected, and replaced with new ones.

Flag 4 X” goes down the list, flags each, ejects the cookies, reloads the page and does it again 4 times. Hp pavilion dv2000 drivers for windows vista.

Flag Forever” performs this sequence continuously. We use this method to scan for new ads all day and auto flag them as they come up. The reload button stops any of the automated functions in their tracks, ejects the used cookies and reloads the page, which replaces the cookies fresh. You can choose which flag you would like, Prohibited, or Best of Craigslist. You can add the other auto flagging engine with the full version instead, “Best of Craigslist“, then you also have the option to flag your own ads as best of Craigslist to defend your own posts in a flagging war.

My guess is that some combination of car dealers, online car brokers, and sites like are using auto-flagging software to illegally. You can go with the craigslist flagging tool to flag posts. It is nothing but the craigslist flagging software. This software helps you carry out flagging in no time.

We have also built in 2 timers, one controls the flagging intervals for a more human simulation, and the other controls the wait time for an error if certain posts don’t load for some reason. Great for slow proxies, etc.

You can check to see what is going on by enabling the CraigsFlagger Pro preview window. It will show you the ad in real time as it is being called up and flagged. You can view each ad as it is flagged to verify the program is working. This is the only flagging program ever written with this feature. You can shut it off as well to save browser memory resources, and the flagging will continue behind the scenes.

You don’t need to buy any other software to go with this, but we do offer more Craigslist Software in our online store.

Snagit 9 key. Our Ghostbusters Members section is a full featured membership, with tons of features and free software, links, videos and resources all built right in.

CraigsFlagger Pro works in 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. If you need to update or downgrade your Firefox, there is a link in the sidebar on each page with the applicable version.

We have been selling our software since 2012. We are still up and running through all the changes in Craigslist and with our own new internal improvements, new videos, and tutorials as well. CraigsFlagger Pro is always up to date with the latest changes in craigslist implemented for 2019.

  • CraigsFlagger Pro(instructions)CraigsFlagger Pro Auto Flagger software gives you two auto flagging engines, so you can choose which feature you would like to apply to the posts you select as your targets, Prohibited, or Reinforcer. You can Reinforce your own ads to defend your posts by using this feature to cancel out negative flags, or you can choose to mark any group of ads you like as spam to help curb aggressive spammers.
  • CraigsTheme(instructions) allows you to change the text / links / buttons to any of 32,000 different colors with a color picker for limitless combinations. You can also set your background image to anything you like, and center / stretch / tile it any way you like and adjust the opacity of the image so you can still see what you’re doing. CraigsFlagger Pro does come with a limited color picker and darken Theme, and this will replace that with limitless options to customize Craigslist until your heart’s content.
  • CraigsCookies(instructions) is a simple cookie remover add-on for deleting only the cookies on the page you are on, so you don’t erase your entire cache trying to keep your craigslist activities private.
  • CraigsDashboard is a collection of useful links and feature toggles for such features as CraigsNotes which lets you leave a custom note beside each ad and hide this for future viewing. There is also a quick account changer which links to the CraigsAccounts app. CraigsDashboard is found on any search results page by toggling the feature with the button in the sidebar widget
  • CraigsPrivacy, is a built in feature that deletes your old cookies and gets fresh ones every time you open any contact form on craigslist. We discovered that they are ignoring certain users based upon their activity as recorded by cookies craigslist puts on your machine.
  • CraigsAccounts,(instructions) It allows you to add all of your craigslist accounts to a handy drop down list built into the login page of craigslist. After saving your accounts into the app, you can then select any account email and password combination and drop it into the login box with one click. The secret part of the login page that craigslist doesn’t want you to know, is they keep track of you with cookies each time you visit their site. This feature cleans them out each time you load the accounts page, so it seems like you are visiting for the first time, every time.
  • CraigsNotes, With this feature, you can save a note next to every ad you visit, hide them, and reveal them later for further editing, or to keep track of each craigslist ad you encounter. Access this feature from the CraigsDashboard toolbar.
  • CraigsPreview, This feature allows you to preview full page craigslist ads by a timer so you can do other things with your hands while you check out the competition. Access this feature from the CraigsDashboard toolbar.
  • Our Ghostbusters full Membership is also included free with this purchase as well so we can teach you how to avoid issues with ghosting, posting and getting flagged easily.
Download Center: We have split our individual software into pieces so you only need to pay for what you want. Your software is available for immediate download. Our Trinity Software bundle saves you over $90 off the individual prices of our included apps and features.
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