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In this Ask the Admin, I’ll use a PowerShell script to populate Active Directory with test user accounts. Active Directory (AD) is the chosen user-authentication mechanism in most organizations. How do I export a list of all Active Directory to a.csv file users using PowerShell? Categories Active Directory, Microsoft, PowerShell, Scripting Tags csv, export all users, PowerShell. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Previous Post Previous Create an Exchange Transport rule based on the recipient which is a group.

If you’d like to automate creating users in your Active Directory, one of the best ways to do it is to use Powershell and a CSV. In this post I will show you how to bulk create AD users with Powershell from a CSV file.

For that we’ll need two things:

  • a CSV file, pre-formatted with the required fields
  • a Powershell script.

Both the files I’ll be using here, you can find them at the end of this post.

So, let’s…

Create AD Users with Powershell from a CSV

First off, open the CSV file. It looks like this:

Note that the fields are separated by a “;” because the AD DN (Distinguished Name) is separated by commas. Each line ends with a “;” for a simple reason: it is the “Description” field and I didn’t add any description for any of the users. Also note also that in all rows I have two “;” followed. That’s where you insert the user’s last name. Since mine have none, I’ll leave it blank.

Change the CSV to meet your needs and open up the script in the PowerShell ISE, like shown below:

Change the path to match the path where you have saved your CSV file and run it!

The output will be as follow:

Actually, even if the users are not created successfully, the script will always output that the users are created because it has no error control whatsoever. I did it just not to have a blank screen after the script has finished. If you get errors, you’ll have some pretty red lines showing up 🙂

So, we have our users in AD:

The files used are:

NewUsers.CSV and CreateUsersAD_CSV.ps1 (this one is a text file. Rename it to .ps1)

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If you have any questions or suggestions, leave your comment.

Thank you for reading!

Dear all,
I am using below script to Create Bulk AD Users from CSV. Filewhich contains set of New AD Users to create with the attributes Name, samAccountName and ParentOU. I want add the first name, last name, display name and groups to the csv file. Can anyone guide me what to change ?
$userPrincinpal= $_.'samAccountName'+ '@TestDomain.Local'
New-ADUser-Name$_.Name `
-AccountPassword(ConvertTo-SecureString'MyPassword123'-AsPlainText-Force) `
Add-ADGroupMember'Domain Admins'$_.'samAccountName';