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Cxbx is an Xbox emulator for WinNT (XP/2k/2003) computers. Turok Evolution is currently the only playable retail game. Links: Cxbx, The Xbox Emulator Cxbx, The Xbox Emulator Blueshogun's Dev Blog Cxbx: The Xbox Emulator Downloads: CXBX 0.7.8c Source Code Hits: 818 Size: 1,08 Mb. Top 10 Best Xbox Emulators For PC: Free Xbox emulator software to play Xbox games! VR Box 360 Emulator. DXBX Emulator. Xenia Emulator. CXBX Emulator. Box emulator.

Microsoft Xbox Information

Xbox is the first gaming console developed by Microsoft. It appeared on the market in November of 2001 in order to compete with already settled giants such as PlayStation 2, Dreamcast by Sega and GameCube by Nintendo. Xbox was the first independent project of Microsoft's on the gaming consoles market after a joint project with SEGA Company to develop a version of the Windows CE operating system for the Dreamcast console. Anyhow, Microsoft have finished second in number of units sold leaving Sega and Nintendo behind, but still lost the first place to the PlayStation 2 by a large margin. The Microsoft was a huge Company by that time and it was dominating various IT sectors. It helped the Company to enter the gaming consoles market easily and even push the existing players to the side. Later the battle on the game consoles market continued with next generation of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Initially, Xbox was named DirectXbox in order to emphasize the use of DirectX API in the console. When it was first announced, the Company which purchased the rights to sell the console didn’t like the name. With Internet-based survey, which included 20 names variations the “Xbox” name was voted the most and it became the new name of the Microsoft Console. By the time it was released it had the first in gaming consoles built-in hard disk drive used to store games, saves files and other necessary content. So, there was no need to purchase additional external storage devices like on Amiga CD32, Sega CD and Saturn and other. Although it was possible to copy game progress to other Xbox devices with the help of removable 8Mb SSD cards.

On November 15 of 2002 Microsoft launched its first online gaming subscription service called Xbox Live. By purchasing the subscription plan users could download games directly to the internal hard drive. At first users were unfamiliar with such a service and after the launch only 250 thousand subscribers have signed up, however, after a while the number of subscribers have grown to 1 million in 2004 and reached milestone of 20 million by May 2009.

Unfortunately, you won’t able to purchase the new Xbox Original at the moment. You can only look up for some used consoles, however keep in mind that it was discontinued in March 2009. But there is good news for Xbox lovers. Currently you can play your favourite Xbox roms games such as 007 - Agent Under Fire, 187 Ride Or Die and other with Xbox emulator. Simply download the Xbox emulator from our website and play Xbox roms on your home computer or any other smart device. Xbox ISOS of the most popular games are available on our website.

This project is intended to gather all compatibility reports for Cxbx-Reloaded.

(Cxbx-Reloaded is an original Xbox emulator, see the Cxbx-Reloaded project on GitHub.)

This project is NOT intended for issues that are emulation-related.

(Emulation-related issues must be submitted to the Cxbx-Reloaded project itself.)

Unique reports

  • All compatibility reports must be reported here, in this issue tracker.
  • In this game-compatibility project, each title is assigned ONE issue.
  • Do not create duplicate issues (first, search if a title already has an issue).
  • Duplicate reports will be merged into one, duplicates will be closed.
  • Unique game-compatibility issues are kept open forever, regardless of state.

Issue titles

Issue titles MUST mention the XBE title, optionally followed by an alternative title in square brackets, followed by a mandatory Title ID in square brackets, then lastly followed by a mandatory version number in square brackets. Nothing else.

Example : FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (TM) [007: From Russia with Love] [45410079] [1.01].

Verify titles against the Xbox-Games database and this Xbox1 name lookup list.

Compatibility attribute labels

Public agent michaela. Use the pre-defined GitHub issue labels to indicate compatibility attributes.

Request new labels via a separate issue (these issues will be closed afterwards).

Issue labels should show the compatibility for the latest tested build.

Label categories:

  • issue-, zero or more of : audio, files, input, kernel, memory, regression, timing, video
  • region-, zero or more of : us-canada, japan, other (sourced from dumped XBE Game Region flags 1, 2, 4)
  • state-, one of : perfect, working, partially-working, interactive, booting, crashes, unresponsive, unsupported or unverified (see below)
  • type-, one of : arcade, coverdisk, demo, homebrew, retail, sample, unreleased or xbla
  • xbe-, zero or more of : dump-needed, linked-to-debug-xdk, tampered-with
  • xdk-, one or more XDK versions (sourced from dumped XBE library versions)

State labels :

state-perfectFunctions identical to real hardware, no observable issues
state-workingUsable with minor issues not preventing gameplay/functioning of the title
state-partially-workingPartially working, but has serious issues that prevent progression/use of important features
state-interactiveShows menus, responds to input, but main functionality does not work
state-bootingShows visuals like splash screens, logos, intros, etc and/or has audible effects, but does not progress further
state-crashesCrashes during startup, no visual or audible output
state-unresponsiveHangs during startup
state-unsupportedTitle uses Linked-Time-Code-Generation, which cannot be HLE'ed, will require LLE
state-unverifiedUnverified prior state, possibly regressed


If available, start with a title-specific link to one of Wikipedia's List of Xbox games.

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Adding screenshots to issues is allowed.

Don't add more than 8 screenshots per issue (unless more are absolutely required).

On closing

Don't flood reports with long discussions (all chit-chat is subject to removal).

Maintainers will be appointed to enforce these guidelines to all issues.

These rules are subject to change.

Our thanks go out to everyone showing an interest and/or investing time and effort in our project : Thank you very much!

  • The Cxbx-Reloaded dev team.