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Touchpad not working running windows 10 on a Mac book pro Hello, I have been unable to use my computer's touch pad since last November windows update. Looking more closely there is indeed a path discrepancy between the driver's path ( The one I can navigate to from windows explorer ) and the one the driver says I have ( I get this path from.

Hi all,

Not a question per se, but something I thought might be helpful for others.

I wanted to get my Magic Mouse (first gen) working with my Windows 10 laptop with Bluetooth 4.0.

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  1. downloaded the latest version of the latest Boot Camp drivers from Apple's support site:
  2. Unzipped the file into a new directory and then opened BootCamp --> Drivers --> Apple --> AppleWirelessMouse64.exe
  3. Ran the installer
  4. Turned on Bluetooth and paired my Magic Mouse

The mouse works fine - left and right click works as does up/down & left/right scrolling.


Hope this helps someone looking to do something similar!

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