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Latest version :
V1.6.4 26/08/2012: Regrouped the accentcolors so the different gradations of colors stay together. Reworked further the themes.
I will still be working on updating the firmware. I think it is worth trying to get them to work.
I hope you can enjoy the new rom.
With custom icons and color taskbar for all languages cooked in. All Tango languages are available - a lot of Accents and Themes build in. Fullunlocked with the latest unlock of DFT Team thanks to Mr Mwang and DFT Team - ie xapinstall enabled - installer with free apps with modified tile Icon to meet glass icon style
1. You must have HSPL installed in your device.
2. Before doing any operations be sure you have battery level more than 60%!
3. Download and flash ROM.
4. Radio also included into rom to prevent problems.
Thanks to the whole xda community to make this possible.
Super Big Thanks to Mr Mwang and DFT team who have given green light to use the DFT core tools. Julien Schapman for his superb homebrew applications. Dinik for his marvelous grafics. Xboxmod (his glass iconset and his color taskbar.),cotulla, sh4d0w86, feropont, Dotcompt, Barin, ultrashot, football and so many others.
Features :
Rom base IMG_Eternity_HTC_Europe_2.05.401.01_Radio_Signed_1 updated with Tango 8779 files - Os 7.10.8779.8 .
- Besides OEM apps no apps anymore in rom. Instead the apps are in a seperate folder. You can choose the apps individualy or you can install all the xaps in the folder. Instructions are also in a text document.
In your download you can find the installer ( thanks to winphoneviet) with most common used free apps. The Tile-Icons are changed to meet the style of the glass-icons. If you want certain apps with an adapted TileIcon you always may ask me. The installer is real handy, within no time all your apps are installed. (very nice if you are addicted to flashing ) You can put your own apps in the xapmap to install to your device.
- Custom Icons, changed the application icons of the homebrew to match glass icon theme. Redesigned tile icons. I used as base the idea/grafics from Dinik which I redesigned to be usable on Titan. (Thanks to Dinik for his beautiful grafics - I always used his icons on my HD2)
- Added some themes and accents, a bunch of sounds and ringtones.
- Full unlocked (DFT), new unlock of DFT team used.
- Installing .xap from IE.
- Google and Yahoo search added in settings of IE.
- Usual tweaks which can be found in every custom rom.
- Prepared to be used with cabsender.
Based on Eternity_HTC_Europe_2.05.401.01_Radio_Signed_16.23 .06.10_16.32.00.23_ETERNITY_RELEASE updated with tango files build 8779.
from settings – about
OS Version : Os 7.10.8779.8
Firmware version : 1600.2200.20501.401
Hardware revison N° : 0002
Radio : Radio Soft vers :
Languages in rom :
All tango languages are in rom.
Quelle: xda
Please let me know your opinion/problems after testing my rom. Thanks.
Originalthread bei den Dev`s: forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1731921
Changelog seit V 6.0:
V1.6 25/07/2012 : Corrected rom - headphone in call is ok - changed dark and light theme to original.
V1.6.1 16/08/2012: Made some changes in build to make everything work. Reworked the colorschemes in the themes. Adding accentcolors with advanced config will only work on light and dark theme.
v1.6.2 19/08/2012: Some small changes in registry and build. Added custom apps back in rom.
V1.6.3 22/08/2012: Added more then 300 accentcolors in rom. When changing first theme and then accentcolor, it is now easier to pick the right color combination.
V1.6.4 26/08/2012: Regrouped the accentcolors so the different gradations of colors stay together. Reworked further the themes.
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