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A repository of Diablo 2 single player item files. These are usable with a save editor of sorts (there are plenty around) and are intended to be used for testing out builds and different gear combinations

This is a reupload of 'Kingpint'z Item Pack'. I have had this lying around for years because of 'legit' PvP dueling on Open Battle.Net. Honestly just putting it here so that I don't lose it, and I know that the Single Player community is/was pretty active, so it's nice to have access to some things we don't have access to (torch).

Here are the original text files.. I am not sure if the instructions are still correct since they are years old. But I will get around to revising these for the 1.14 patch as well as adding more items that are missing.

Iablo, the Lord of Terror, has fallen to a brave hero beneath the church of Tristram. Now that hero is gone, replaced by a Dark Wanderer who.

How to Use Kingpint'z Item Pack:

Step 1: You have to download 'Hero Editor (HE) 0.95'Download it from Trusted Sites like (used to be ladderhall)

Step 2: Install the HE

Step 3: Start HE and Load Char (or klick on Extras and look left, to creat new Char)

Step 4: Klick on Inventory. Now Right-Klick on the Inventory-Fence.

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Step 5: Klick on Load Item. Now search for the Item you want.

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Step 6: Klick on Save. Now the Char you selected has got this Item.

Have Fun!

Kingpint'z Item Pack FINAL

Dates:24-12-2005: Realese 'Kingpint'z Item Pack' FINAL26-10-2005: Realese 'Kingpint'z Item Pack' v.0.913-10-2005: Realese 'Kingpint'z Item Pack' v.0.8

NOTES:I do not take over responsibility for damage to your hard- and/or software (and/or to > your self).Use on your own risk!

Item Pack FINAL contains:

ALL SetsALL Weapons (Normal/Exeptional/Elite)New Char-ClassesUnskilled CharsNew Crafts/Rares

Item Pack v.0.9 contains:

Skilled and Stated CharsSome New UniquesNew Folders (for Normal, Exeptional, Elite) Uniques

Item Pack v.0.8 contains:

All Ladder-Only RunewordsAll 1.11 RunewordsAll 1.11 Runewords/ItemsMuch GOOD UniquesMuch GOOD Jewls/Crafts etc.

No new Version planed!

I hope, you will enjoy 'Kingpint'z Item Pack'!

Best with Hero Editor V0.95

by Kingpint


Special Thanks to:

ZonFire99: For the GREAT Hero Editor! The best Editor for D2 Chars!Admin of D2event.net: Nice D2 Hacking Site!Kethler: For the Set-Items and the Cheated Item!Andrew Moss: For the nice ideas!And everyone, who uses my Item Pack!

Special Hates to:

Holywater: Big, Big SuXoR!PS: Scheiß auf dein Premium Mist!Blizzard fickt dich noch einestages.

Killswitch: Big, Big Biaaatch!PS: Fick deinen Sponge!Fick dein Leben

Next Version will Conatain:

Diablo 2 widescreen windows 10

No New Version planed!Have fun with this one!

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