Do Asi Loader Para Gta Sa

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Asi loader v1.0.2b works with GTA IV v.! Allows you to load your own libraries with GTA IV. In VC and SA (thx 2 Jerenej L.). Installing: Copy binkw32.dll and binkhooked.dll to GTA IV dir. Torrent elements of programming interviews. Made by: DOWNLOAD File Check Fix to support the recent patches of GTA IV. The idea of the ASI loader comes from Vice City, the sound engine of which (MSS) has native support for plugins made as.asi libraries. So, in Vice City and GTA III asi files could be loaded easily just by putting them into the game folder with no external tools needed. GTA SA and GTA 4 do not have such a feature, so the ASI loaders were made. ASI loaders serve as the base for making another hacks and trainers that need to access the game memory and start with the game (for example, CLEO.

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    Do you mean the dll hook method? That's the same process as with windows, just replace 'em and run the game, it should work out of the box (I had CLEO4 for GTA San Andreas working a few years back).
    As for Mafia (1? The -good- one? Nice!), I don't know - I used to mod it, but I never came around an ASI loader. The MafiaDataXTractor was what I used (it patches a DLL, that should work out of the box too) and then, you can place the modded files into the directories.
    Compliments on your taste for video games btw. Hope that helps, have fun!
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    @ilPinguino to be honest, that was a first game I have ever played and till this day it stays as my favorite of all times. I have completed it like 20 times (including Free Ride Extreme) and to this day I like to play through it. I know every secret and every detail of this game (been making some mission scripts for myself!). They really should remaster it with HD textures (better yet, port it to Mafia 3 engine).
    Anyway, I’ve tried to use the ASI loader which comes with WidescreenFix mod which hooks as dinput8.dll, but the game won’t run at all. Without it everything is fine.
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    @athlon try the one that comes with CLEO, it uses the vorbisfile.dll. I've had good results with it.
  • just rent your cloud pc? or try to get beta access to nvidias gefore now.
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    @heyheni maybe if I had better internet connection and too much of a dosh. I managed to run Mafia with ASI loader and WidescreenFix without any issues on Linux in the end.
  • @athlon cool! 😃