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The Digital Literacy Curriculum differs from the UP Curriculum in content, format, assessments, and the Certificate Test.

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  • Content: The Digital Literacy Curriculum is best for beginners, while the UP Curriculum works well for those with some prior computing experience.

  • Format: Digital Literacy learning content is available as hosted online e-learning and assessment, as downloadable offline e-learning, or as downloadable Microsoft Word 2003 files. The UP Curriculum is available as downloadable Microsoft Word 2003 files, or in some cases on CD.

  • Assessments: There are no assessments for the UP Curriculum. The Digital Literacy Curriculum includes a 30-question multiple-choice assessment for each course that provides students with a personalized Learning Plan. The Learning Plan outlines e-learning courses and lessons that the student should review to ensure mastery of the course content.

  • Certificate Test: The UP Curriculum does not provide a certificate test; however, instructors can issue students a certificate of completion that does not rely on a test. The Digital Literacy Curriculum offers a Certificate Test similar to the course assessments. This Certificate Test includes questions on content from all five Digital Literacy courses and generates a Learning Plan that outlines lessons that students should review to ensure mastery of the material. Students who correctly answer at least 80 percent of the questions can print a personalized Digital Literacy Certificate. It is important to note that the Digital Literacy Certificate should not be used as a validation of skills for recruiting or employment, but rather as a milestone for personal learning development. The certificate validates skills each student has learned; it does not provide a formal proof of skills for others.