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SBS On Demand is now available as an app for your Windows mobile, allowing you to watch your favourite SBS shows over both Wi-Fi or cellular networks.The app offers the following features:- Extensive catalogue: Search or browse from thousands of videos and discover documentaries, feature films, food shows and much more. Around 40 new videos are added every day with most programs available straight after broadcast.- Playlist: Add your favourite videos to the Playlist so that you can watch them later. Plus, if you’re signed in with your SBS On Demand account, you’ll be able to access your Playlist across all devices on which SBS On Demand is available (website, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Windows 8 and IPTV).- Subscriptions: Stay up to date by subscribing to a program. With this feature, new episodes will be automatically added to your playlist. - Notifications: Receive notifications when a new subscription video has been added to your Playlist.- Coming Soon: Find out which programs are coming soon to SBS On Demand, and add them so that they’ll automatically be included in your Playlist once available. - Share: If you enjoyed a video, share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.- Adaptive video quality: Videos automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions.Please note that this app is designed for devices running Windows 8 and above. We also advise that you should take your data quota into consideration should you watch videos on the SBS On Demand app over a cellular network.

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