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  1. The temptation is too great. Badger might have her own agenda, but as long as she’s helping you claim Steele Tech, it hardly matters. “Um, I guess! That sounds like fun, so why not?” You hold out your hand for her to shake.
  2. The scientist’s eyes widen in disbelief. “What? Seriously? Ha ha okay yeah. Shit, let’s do this thing.” She eagerly takes your hand and shakes vigorously. “A pleasure to be in business with you, Nurse Steele!”
  3. You feel a slight prick in your palm and you try to pull your hand away. Badger, however, tightens her grip, grabbing your other hand as well. “You’ve got your own style and it’s cool and everything,” she gushes, looking you up and down, “but I think we can make some improvements. So, our next subject should be you.” Her eyes narrow and her grin spreads like oil on the surface of a lake. “Doctor’s orders.”
  4. You try to protest, but you’re suddenly very light headed. Darkness sweeps over you.
  5. When you come to, you find yourself firmly locked in a reinforced restraining chair. You jerk and try to pull free, but the structure seems to have been built to hold down creatures twice your size. An ache in your jaw and pressure on your throat and tongue tells you that some kind of gag has been jammed into your mouth, muffling any cries for help you might be tempted to make. Even your hands have been locked down, heavy rubber spheres squeezing your fists like the worst pair of mittens you’ve ever seen.
  6. “Ah, we finally awake Nurse Steele?” Badger chirps, craning her fuzzy face into view from just behind you. “I don’t want you to think I’m a slave driver or anything, but I’m going to have to dock your pay if you keep passing out,” she chides, plump lips pursing in a concerned frown.
  7. Spying the confusion in your eyes, Doctor Badger sighs with exasperation. “This again. Alright, let’s blow through it real quick. Yes, you’re still in my lab. No, this isn’t the first time you’ve woken up. Yes, we’ve been tweaking you. No, you’re not done yet. Good enough? Alright, let’s try to finish you up.” There is a pressure on your moist sphincter and a sensation of hot, sticky fluid being forced into your gut in spurting loads. You shudder and squirm but can do little and less as your abdomen swells under the liquid burden.
  8. Behind you, the mad doctor lets out a satisfied sigh of relief. “Ah, I fuckin’ love administering suppositories. Better keep it in for a bit, so you don’t miss out on even an ounce of that good medicine,” she teases, tweaking your upraised ears playfully.
  9. “How do you feel, Nurse Steele?” You shout something at her, but the gag reduces you to gurgles and drooling babble. “Oh, very interesting. Yes, that is normal but I assure you, you’ll be feeling so much better in practically no time at all.” She casually gropes your ass with a clawed hand, humming to herself as she kneads the thickening dough of your swollen rump.
  10. A wave of dizziness overtakes you, but you’re pulled back from unconsciousness as the doctor delivers a painful, open-palmed slap to your posterior. “Hey! What’d I say about passing out! This is the most important moment in your otherwise unremarkable life and you’re going to sleep through it?” Your head lurches and your vision blurs, but Badger keeps up her spanking assault. “You’re! Going! To! Love! This!”
  11. Actually, you kind of are. Every spank brings the same sharp, arresting pain as the one before it, but a strange, creeping pleasure seems to build right alongside it. At first, the thought of getting off on being spanked seems perverse, but with each slap, your chest tightens and your dick, large balls, and pure and unspoiled pussy tense. You have to admit, you were being pretty naughty, passing out when the doctor is trying to work. What kind of a nurse just falls asleep in the middle of an operation?
  12. The throbbing heat of her hand stings so good, you audibly moan in disappointment when she finally stops. “Damn, Nurse Steele, you’re a real glutton for punishment, huh? I’m going to have to come up with some kind of automatic spanking machine,” she muses. “Oh wait, of course I already have one of those.”
  13. A click and whir is all the warning you get before an unseen device surges to life, whipping flexible rubber sheets across your overly sensitive colossal yet toned butt. The noise that bubbles up from the back of your throat sounds more like a hog in heat than the kind of cry a corporate heiress would produce.
  14. “So tight!” Badger marvels. “I think you’re about ready for another dose.” The firm, warm pressure in your pliant, moist anus relents just long enough for a cold pill the size of a thumb to slip in. “We’re going to have so much fun together,” the mad scientist promises as she jams her too-thick bitch breaker up your ass again, pumping thrusts driving the pill ever deeper into your gut.
  15. Weeks later, Doctor Badger calls you into her office. The two of you have been inseparable since the job offer, working long hours to perfect her science. Just about the only break the two of you take is just long enough for the doctor to pound a fresh, fattening load or three of badger spunk into whichever hole strikes her fancy.
  16. It’s been hard work, but the two of you finally tracked down your cousin, Jill. The dumb slut always did put too much faith in bodyguards. Your cousin struggles against her bindings, alternately threatening and cajoling Doctor Badger, promising anything and everything to be set free. When you step into sight, her eyes go wide.
  17. “Quote? Is that you? What.. what happened?” You reply with a little laugh and turn in place to show off your vastly improved frame. You can tell the doctor went through great lengths to improve her technology, and of course she needed a test subject. White hair hangs down in bouncy curls, framing the feminine features of your tan face. Your lips are thick, pronounced, and glistening like the surface of a gumball. Tits so huge and perfectly round that they could never be mistaken for natural hang from your chest with a heavy jiggle. Counter balancing your absurd breasts is your melon-sized ass cheeks that leaves you looking like an off-kilter hourglass. Your whole, bimbo-bloated proportions have been squeezed into a pink nurse’s uniform so skimpy and tight that every breath sends a dangerous strain through your double-breasted buttons.
  18. “Why, thank you for noticing, Jill! We’re both very proud at how I’ve come out, aren’t we, Doctor?”
  19. “You bet your sweet fanny we are,” Badger agrees, licking her lips as she hoists a rifle-sized device.
  20. “And all this, just to perfect the Bimbo Blaster,” you add cheerfully, draping your hands around your cousin’s neck. “You get to be the first field trial, so we’re all very excited.”
  21. “Wait wait!” Your cousin shouts, panic rising in her voice. “I could be a partner! Join up and help you find more test subjects! Use the inheritance to-”
  22. You giggle into your palm. “The inheritance? Why do you think we got you as a test subject? After we zap ya, we can round up the rest of dad’s stuff easily enough. Then I’ll claim the company and liquidate it. Use the money to help the Doctor, you see? She’s got so many amazing ideas! With a little cash we could turn the whole galaxy into bimbos, one by one.”
  23. You pat your cousin’s cheek, tenderly. “I got to be first, of course, but you can be second, just like you were always meant to be.” Doctor Badger pulls her goggles over her eyes and levels the vastly upgraded bimbo gun at your cousin’s face. “See you on the other side,” you add in a sing song tone.
  24. Badger pulls the trigger the first of many, many times.
  25. GAME OVER.
  26. (Access the main menu to start a new character or the data menu to load a saved game. The buttons are located in the lower left of the game screen.)

Nov 29, 2015  my bf made me play Trials in Tainted Space (or T.I.T.S) and i made Myla so i had to draw her! I've never finished a drawing in manga studio and despite the slight messiness i like it! Myla does belong to myself ( Drn3k0) Please do not use her! Doctor Badger is a curvy, bimbo-shaped badger-morph who can be found in a shady, run-down shack, with a sign labeled “Doctor.

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