Dremel Model 770 Type 1 Manual

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On the Model 750, there is a LO and HI switch. When the switch indicator is in position 1 or LO, the tool runs at about 6,500 RPM. When the switch indicator is in position 2 or HI, the tool runs at about 13,000 RPM. The Dremel MiniMite cordless rotary tool is designed for drilling, sanding, shaping, detailing and other light-duty jobs. The MiniMite is a compact, go-anywhere, use-anytime cordless tool that comes in extremely handy in and around the house. It features two speeds and can be used with any Dremel rotary tool accessory with up to an 1/8 In.

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Before using battery charger, read all instructions and
cautionary markings on (1) battery charger, (2) bat-
tery pack, and (3) product using battery.

Use only the charger which accompanied your
product or direct replacement as listed in the
catalog or this manual.
Do not substitute any other
charger. Use only Dremel battery charger Nos. 756-01
& 758-01 with your product.

Do not disassemble charger or operate the charger if
it has received a sharp blow, been dropped or other-
wise damaged in any way. Replace damaged cord or
plugs immediately.
Incorrect reassembly or damage
may result in electric shock or fire.

Do not recharge battery in damp or wet environment.
Do not expose charger to rain or snow. If battery case
is cracked or otherwise damaged, do not insert into
Battery short or fire may result.

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Charge only Dremel Nos. 755-01 & 757-01 recharge-
able batteries with the above listed chargers.
types of batteries may burst causing personal injury and

Charge battery pack in temperatures above +40
degrees F (4 degrees C) and below +105 degrees F
(41 degrees C). Store tool and battery pack in loca-
tions where temperatures will not exceed 120
degrees F (49 degrees C).
This is important to prevent
serious damage to the battery cells.

Battery leakage may occur under extreme usage or
temperature conditions. Avoid contact with skin and
The battery liquid is caustic and could cause
chemical burns to tissues. If liquid comes in contact
with skin, wash quickly with soap and water, then with
lemon juice or vinegar. If the liquid contacts your eyes,
flush them with water for a minimum of 10 minutes and
seek medical attention.

Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by
Dremel may result in a risk of fire, electric shock or
injury to persons.

Battery Care

When batteries are not in tool or
charger, keep them away from

metal objects. For example, to protect terminals from
shorting DO NOT place batteries in a tool box or pocket
with nails, screws, keys, etc. Fire or injury may result.

They may explode.

Battery Disposal

Do not attempt to disassemble
the battery or remove any com-

ponent projecting from the battery terminals. Fire or
injury may result. Prior to disposal, protect exposed ter-
minals with heavy insulating tape to prevent shorting.

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

If equipped with a nickel-cadmium battery, the battery
must be collected, recycled or disposed of in an
environmentally sound manner.

“The EPA certified RBRC Battery
Recycling Seal on the nickel-cadmi-
um (Ni-Cd) battery indicates S-B
Power Tool Company is voluntarily
participating in an industry pro-
gram to collect and recycle these

batteries at the end of their useful life, when taken out
of service in the United States or Canada. The RBRC
program provides a convenient alterative to placing
used Ni-Cd batteries into the trash or the municipal
waste stream, which may be illegal in your area.

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Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information on Ni-Cd
battery recycling and disposal bans/restrictions in
your area, or return your batteries to a
Skil/Bosch/Dremel Service Center for recycling. S-B
Power Tool Company’s involvement in this program is
part of our commitment to preserving our environ-
ment and conserving our natural resources.”

Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

If equipped with a nickel-metal hydride battery, the bat-
tery can be disposed of in a municipal solid waste






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