Driver Door Module Volvo Xc90

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I got my car back from a garage that didn’t specialize in Volvos and since then, the auto-up function on the passenger side door hasn’t worked. The window will roll up, close, then open again. Cableguys shaperbox crack. Adobe 7.0 professional free download. The only way to close the window was to only pull the switch halfway to the non-auto up function and wait for the window to close.

I had thought there was something wrong with the window regulator module so I didn’t think  much of it until I came across this post on the Volvo XC forums – this “reset” the PDM (passenger door module) and now the auto-up function works again.

The contact owns a 2004 Volvo XC90. The contact stated that the electrical system failed and the instrumental panel became dark as the vehicle stalled. The vehicle was towed to the dealer where a diagnostic was performed. The technician advised that the electronic control module failed due to water intrusion. The vehicle was not repaired. Nov 09, 2018  Volvo XC90 V8: On a 2005 xc90 Falsed Driver Door open warning On a 2005 xc90 Falsed Driver Door open warning and chime and cabin lights activated. Warning is activated when left turn signal is used; there is a signal light on the driver door 2. Warning is act.

I’ve reprinted the steps to reset the door modules in the hopes that it will help someone else:

  1. Open the fusebox cover on the driver’s side of the dash facing the door.
  2. Close the affected window. Make sure car is ON (position II) or running. Locate the fuse for the affected door module (either #5 or #6).
  3. Open the affected window, and while the window is moving down, remove the fuse for the door module.
  4. Wait a second and then insert the fuse.
  5. Close the affected window by holding the switch all the way up (as if you were using the auto-up function) and hold the switch in the auto-up position at least 5 seconds after the window closes.
  6. Test the auto-down and auto-up function – it should be working now! If it still does not work, you will need to use a scan tool that can scan the passenger or driver’s side door modules.
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