Ebook Pengantar Ekonomi Mikro Sadono Sukirno

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Jaelani, Aan (2013): Institusi Pasar dan Hisbah: Teori Pasar dalam Sejarah Pemikiran Ekonomi Islam. Published in: Syari'ah Nurjati Press, Cirebon , Vol. 1, (1 December 2013): pp. 1-177.

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This book describes hisbah as the official state agencies that play a role in solving problems or minor offences which by their nature do not require a legal process through the courts. The institute is the result of the transformation of the market supervisory agency, formerly known as the sahib al-suq (market inspector), which emerged with the development of cities at areas of Islam in the Middle East. In the works of hisbah, a muhtasib will act as a regulator of the market, especially to control the price and market conditions.

Ebook Pengantar Ekonomi Mikro Sadono Sukirno

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