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Emu Proteus 2500 Software Rating: 8,3/10 7121 reviews

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The new E-MU Proteus 2500 is a powerful 128 Voice. Unlimited using E-MU's E-Loader software file assistant (Mac/PC). Arpeggiators: 32. Best midi controller for my proteus 2500. Pulling out your hair? Don't know what to do or where to go? Could you recommend the best midi controller for my emu proteus 2500. ↳ Software Synthesizers ↳ Samplers ↳ HELP! Buyer's Guide ↳ Buyer's Guide.

Has anyone here upgraded their 'EMU Proteus 2000 OS' on a new Mac?
I've read that the last version that was written (OS 2.26) has many improvements and extra filters so it would be very nice to install it. However it seems that you need a program called 'E-Loader' to load the OS on and this is very old software (Mac OS9 by the looks of it) so I'm wondering if anyone has successfully performed this procedure in recent times and if so how did they do it on newer machines?
The update and E-Loader software is here:
http://www.emu.com/support/files/downlo .. Platform=2