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American rock band Evanescence was formed in the middle of 90’s in a small city Little Rock. The vocalist Amy Lee met Ben Moody (ex-guitarist of Evanescence) in the summer camp and they decided to create a band. That idea was definitely a good one: by 1998 the musicians already had two mini-albums and some of their songs were broadcasted by the local radio. In 1999 David Hodges joined the band. Soon after that Evanescence signed to the label Bigwig Enterprises and recorded the very first album Origin. The rockers sold the copies during their shows, but Origin was not commercially successful. However that record became quite called-for after Evanescence gained the popularity.

The band kept on performing and once the musicians were noticed by the major record companies. Thereby in 2003 Evanescence signed the contract with Wind-Up Records and started to work on the material for their first official album. The debut studio record titled Fallen was released in 2003 and it turned out to be a very strong album with recognizable sound. Many music lovers got acquainted with Evanescence creativity due to such hits as Going Under, Bring Me To Life and My Immortal, presented on the band’s debut album. Evanescence started the musical career in a very confident way and in 2004 the musicians won two Grammy Awards in nominations Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance with the composition Bring Me To Life. The same year the band released their first concert album Anywhere But Home (2004), which managed to preserve to authentic sound of Evanescence live performances.

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In 2003 Ben Moody, one of the founders of Evanescence, quitted the band. Numerous fans were worried about the future of the group; however the time showed that Evanescence was absolutely capable of keeping on creating amazing music. In 2006 the fans enjoyed the very first single Call Me When You're Sober from the following band’s album. The second studio work titled The Open Door was released in 2006 and it debuted at the top of the charts. The Open Door was certified Platinum only after a month since the official release took place. That album also included such international hits as Sweet Sacrifice and Lithium. The Open Door turned out to be the record of the highest quality, very solid and fair, which is proved by the fact that more than five million copies of that album were sold worldwide. Evanescence managed to create their own signature sound with elements of alternative and gothic, and alongside with Amy’s wonderful vocals that sound was enjoyed by millions of heavy music lovers all over the world.

Studio Albums

Evanescence (Deluxe Edition)
The event, which simply cannot be ignored, happened on the world musical stage in 2011. American rockers Evanescence released their new eponymous album that had been expected by fans so much
The Open Door
Filled with a wide spectrum of emotions from fear to happiness, The Open Door gives the feeling of unlimited freedom in Amy Lee's vocals, and proves that Evanescence can continue creating gorgeous music despite any changes within the group





Compilation albums

Evanescence fallen album