Fake Aimpoint Serial Number

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The serial number* is on the underside of the lid:

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If your AirPods are connected to your iOS device, you can also go to Settings > General > About > AirPods for the serial number:

Jan 28, 2007  You also may try to call or email Aimpoint to verify the serial numbers with them. Perhaps a long shot, but it may work. If they do turn out to be clones and the seller won't give you a refund, see if you find them at the next gunshow, don't say anything to the guy but just stand their. Just started to look into buying a real Aimpoint comp m2 and wanted to. How to recognize a fake Aimpoint. If you have the serial number, Aimpoint will verify the serial number is associated with that model and is valid.

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If you don't have your charging case, but you have the original packaging, you can find the serial number next to the barcode. You can also find the serial number on the original product receipt or invoice.


* With AirPods (2nd generation) and AirPods Pro, each AirPod also has its own serial number, printed on the AirPod itself. If you need to send your AirPods or charging case in for service, refer to the primary serial number, printed on the case lid. You don't need the serial numbers on the AirPods.