Gmod Prop Hunt Play No

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  • Create a folder for SteamCMD. Such as 'C:steamcmd'.
  • Download SteamCMD and extract to the folder you just created.
  • Make a Garrysmod folder within the steamcmd folder. You can just call it gmod.
  • Open a command prompt and enter the following commands.

Or with one command. You can also save this as a script for easy updating.

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#Install PropHunt

  • Download PropHunt and extract to the 'C:steamcmdgmodgarrysmodgamemodes' folder.
  • Rename it from prophunt-master to just prophunt
  • To start the server open a command prompt and type srcds.exe -game garrysmod +gamemode prophunt -autoupdate
  • Now change whatever settings you want and hit 'Start Server' button.
  • You can edit the gamemode settings in srvsteamgmodgarrysmodgamemodesprophuntgamemodeconfig.lua.

Sep 02, 2013  Credit goes for the original authors of both gamemodes and who made Prop Hunt compatible with GMOD 13. Originally written and released by Darkimmortal (TF2) If you are the autor or if you have credit, and you won't see the mod on the workshop anymore don't hesitate to contact me. I just published to Workshop and fixed something.

  • Create a text file in your 'C:steamcmdgmod'
  • Copy the following command into the text filesrcds.exe -game garrysmod +gamemode prophunt -autoupdate
  • Rename the file prophunt.bat and just double click it.
Gmod Prop Hunt Play No
  • Dont forget to forward the steam ports on your router to your server pc.
  • You will only have the default garrysmod maps at first, which dont have any props, so you will have to get new ones.
  • You can download your own maps from various sources and place them in the C:steamcmdgmodgarrysmodmaps folder.
  • Dont forget about the global Garrysmod server setting in C:steamcmdgmodgarrysmodcfgserver.cfg. Here is an example of a simple one.