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Birth nameGratien Ananda
Born11 March 1958
Tangalle, Hambantota
Died29 December 2010 (aged 52)
National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo
GenresPop, Sole Blues, Classical
Occupation(s)Singer, player, composer and lyricist
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1976–2009
LabelsMEntertainments, Evoke Music, Torana

Gratien Ananda (Sinhala: ග්‍රේෂන් ආනන්ද; 11 March 1957 – 29 December 2010), also as Gration Ananda or Greshan Ananda, was a Sri Lankan singer, composer, songwriter and a lyricist.[1] Considered as the best Sinhalese film score musician to have emerged in the country since the veteran artist the Late H.R. Jothipala, Ananda sang for more than 400 films with a musical career that spanned nearly three decades.[2]

He died at the age of 52 while receiving treatments at National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.[3]

Personal life[edit]

He was born on 11 March 1957 to a family immersed in music. His grand father Brigadier Charley Jayawardena Amador is a renowned musician served in Royal Army. His mother was a pianist.[4] He spent his early childhood in Kandy, after he moved to hometown Tangalle for primary education. He attended to as many as 10 schools. He first went to Little Flower Convent in Tangalle and then to St.Mathew College Dematagoda. Then he completed Advanced Level Examination from Saint Joseph's College, Colombo.[5]

He was a devoted Catholic, where he never missed a Tuesday mass at St Anthony's Church, Kochchikade in Colombo.[2] He polished his music ability as a chorister of All Saints’ Church in Borella by Reverend Father John Herath OMI.[6]

He was married to Srima Abeykoon and has one daughter, Dulanjalee Chathurya Ananda and one son, Mario Angelo Ananda.[7] His son Mario Ananda was born on 12 May 1991 and completed education from father's school, St.Joseph College.[8] He started music career after Gratien's death to continue his legacy.[9]

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Singing career[edit]

Ananda started to play mouth organ since the age of 3. His music ability was first identified by school music teacher Rev.Father John Herath, where Ananda started to play trumpet and then keyboard. He practiced piano under Lal Perera and Claud Fernando. Then he graduated from Royal College of Music, London with a Diploma in Western Music.[4]

In 1976, Ananda started to play under different bands most notably Stanley Perera's Fortunes, which became his turning point. During that time, he met musician Sarath Dassanayake and joined his orchestra to play guitar. Within the orchestra, his first played the guitar for H.R. Jothipala's Taj Mahalak song. With his extreme musical talent, he was elevated to the position of Assistant Music Director in the orchestra. Under Sarath Dasanayake and Mervin Perera, he started to learn classical Eastern Music.[4]

Later, he worked as the Lead guitarist for many bands including Dreamers, Earnest and the Combo, Superset and Seac for many years.[5] He was also invited to play as a guitarist for Victor Rathnayake's SA Concert.[6]

He released his first cassette in 1978.[7] Ananda was able to sing together with Neela Wickramasinghe for a disc in 1978. His first LP Record contained four songs and all songs had been composed musically by Gration himself. With that song Atha Duraka Detha Pawela, Ananda was invited to sing as a playback singer for films. His maiden playback singing came through Sena Samarasinghe's film Mal Kekulu though the duet Bindu Bindu Kandulu Gala with Shyami Fonseka. After the film, he continued his enormous contribution to Sinhala cinema, where he sang for more than 400 films.[4]

In 2004, he celebrated 25 years in music with a concert Ananda Rathriya at the BMICH on 25 September at 6.00 pm.[7][10] The DVD of the concert was released in 2005 with the brand Torana Music Box. The DVD comprises 20 popular songs sung by Ananda.[11]

His final song album was Desithaka Gee produced in year 2007 with 12 new songs.[6] In 2009, he launched a CD at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre on 14 February at 9 am. The CD comprises 23 songs sung at Ananda Rathriya and his son Mario also launched Gayana Gayum made up of 16 tracks on the same day.[12]

Music direction[edit]

He started to compose music for songs Etha Duraka Etha Pawela by himself and Neela Wickramasinghe and Tedini Viraja by Edward Jayakody. Both songs became popular hits, where K.A.W Perera invited Ananda to direct music for his film Durga. With that film, he directed music for about 16 films such as Dhawala Pushpaya, Randenigala Singhaya, Sinha Patawu, Hai Master and Hitha Honda Gaheniyak.[4]

He also composed music for television serials. His first tele-drama music came though Gamana and Premada Weadi, both by K.A.W Perera.[7]

As a lyricist[edit]

Ananda composed melodies for his fellow artistes, some of them became very popular. Some of his lyrics include Mage Punchi Kumari and Mage Athita Diviya (Wrote by great actor Sanath Gunathilake) for Milton Mallawarachchi, Aradhana Nethu Chaya and Sudu Rosa Mal for Priya Suriyasena, Mangalle Mal for Chandralekha Perera, Sandalatha for Sanath Nandasiri.[6]


  • For his enormous contribution to Sri Lankan cinema and music industry, he was awarded with a special award by the Pope Benedict at the Vatican city in 2006.[4]
  • Sarasaviya Award for the Best Film Director 1988 – nominated (Durga).[6]
  • Sarasaviya Award for the Best Male Vocalist 1994 – won (Raja-Daruwo).[5]
  • Sarasaviya Award for the Best Male Vocalist 2007 – won (Anjalika).[6]
  • OCIC SIGNEES International Award – won (for contribution to Sri Lankan field of Art).[6]

Illness and death[edit]

On 22 December 2010, Ananda was hospitalized to receive treatments for a number of illnesses including liver failure.[13]

In December 2010, Ananda died at the age of 52 while taking medical assistance at the Colombo National Hospital.[5] He was cremated at the Borella Cemetery. Hospital confirmed that, he died at 6.45 am while receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).[14]

Playback singing filmography[edit]

1989Randenigala Sinhaya
1994Dhawala Pushpaya
1996Hitha Honda Gahaniyak
1980Mal Kekulu
1982Thani Tharuwa
1982Newatha Hamuwemu
1983Athin Athata
1983Samanala Sihina
1984Hitha Honda Kollek
1984Sasara Chethana
1984Jaya Sikurui
1985Aya Waradida Oba Kiyanna
1985Varsity Kella
1986Jaya Apatai
1986Soora Saradiyel
1987Thaththi Man Adarei
1987Yukthiyada Shakthiyada
1987Raja Wadakarayo
1987Obatai Priye Adare
1988Rasa Rahasak
1988Nawa Gilunath Ban Chun
1988Newatha Api Ekwemu
1989Mamai Raja
1989Okkoma Rajawaru
1989Nommara 17
1990Dase Mal Pipila
1990Thanha Asha
1990Jaya Shakthi
1990Yukthiyata Wada
1990Dedunnen Samanaliyak
1990Weera Udara
1990Hodin Naththam Narakin
1990Pem Rajadahana
1990Madu Sihina
1990Chandi Raja
1990Honda Honda Sellam
1990Wana Bambara
1991Uthura Dakuna
1991Wada Barinam Wadak Na
1991Sihina Ahase Wasanthe
1991Obata Pamanai Adare
1991Asai Bayai
1991Raja Sellan
1991Salambak Handai
1991Ran Hadawatha
1991Cheriyo Doctor
1991Suwadena Suwadak
1992Ranabime Weeraya
1992Sakwithi Raja
1992Sakkara Sooththara
1992Sinha Raja
1992Kiyala Wadak Na
1992Oba Mata Wiswasai
1992Sinhayangeth Sinhaya
1993Sargent Nallathambi
1993Sasara Sarisarana Thek Oba Mage
1993Come o Go Chicago
1993Bambadara Bisaw
1993Lassanai Balanna
1993Lagin Giyoth Ahak Na
1993Soora Weera Chandiyo
1994Rajawansen Ekek
1994Mawubime Weerayo
1994150 Mulleriyawa
1994Hello My Darling
1995Wasana Wewa
1995Vijay Saha Ajay
1995Ira Handa Illa
1995Pudumai Eth Aththai
1995Wairayen Wairaya
1995Demodara Palama
1995Chandiyage Putha
1995Age Wairaya
1995Cheriyo Captain
1996Mana Mohini
1996Hiru Sanduta Madiwee
1996Mal Hathai
1996Cheriyo Darling
1996Bawa Sasara
1997Soorayo Wadakarayo
1997Ramba Saha Madhu
1997Apaye Thappara 84000k
1997Raththaran Minihek
1998Yudha Gini Meda
1998Re Daniel Dawal Migel
1998Sathutai Kirula Ape
1998Girl Friend
1999Ayadimi Sama
1999Koti Sana
1999Seetha Samire
2000Jack And Jill
2001Oba Koheda Priye
2001Wasanthaye Kunatuwak
2001Dinuma Kageda
2001Rosa Wasanthe
2002Seethala Gini Kandu
2002Magul Sakwala
2002Jolly Halo 2
2002Somy Boys
2003Vala in London
2004Diya Yata Gindara
2004Left Right Sir
2006Dedunu Wassa
2006Double Game
2007Weda Beri Tarzan
2007Hai Master
2008Rosa Diganthe
2008Ai Oba Thaniwela
2009Sinasuna Adaren
2010Mago Digo Dai

Track listing[edit]

No.SongFilmAccompany singers
1Semata PihitawanaRe Daniel Dawal MigelNuwan Gunewardene and Champa Kalhari
2Mal Mal SihinayaRe Daniel Dawal MigelNuwan Gunewardene and Champa Kalhari
3Maa Rahasin AmathaRe Daniel Dawal MigelLatha Walpola
4Wennati Oba Edath PemwathiNumba Nadan Apita PissuUresha Ravihari
5Adara WassakNumba Nadan Apita PissuUresha Ravihari
6Pemkala Chamara Sala SalaNumba Nadan Apita PissuUresha Ravihari
7Getapichcha SuwandataSeethala Gini KanduChandrika Siriwardena
8Heda Pennuwe Raja WaniSeethala Gini KanduVictor Vijayantha, Walter Fernando, Maya Damayanthi, Susil Perera
9Dewathi DewaNommara 17Angeline Gunathilake
10Meda Sale BandanneNommara 17Vijaya Kumaratunga, Angeline Gunathilake
11Handa Wage Handa MageVala In LondonUresha Ravihari
12Ninden SihinenVala In LondonUresha Ravihari
13Sanda Wathure Ran TharakaAi Oba ThaniwelaMilton Mallawarachchi, Latha Walpola, W. Premaratne
14Dan Dan MunenAi Oba ThaniwelaMilton Mallawarachchi, Latha Walpola, Malini Bulathsinhala
15Seetha Meedume Seetha SakwaleKoti SanaNirosha Virajini
16Ahase Meedum Duhul WalaaOba Koheda PriyeLatha Walpola

Solo tracks[edit]

  1. Adara Seenuwa
  2. Adari Sagari Ma Hade Mandire
  3. Akasha Gangawe Pawee Gena
  4. Anupama Senehe
  5. Bale Punchi Kale Wage
  6. Bindu Bindu Kandulu Gala
  7. Chandana Allen Nala
  8. Datha Dilena Bandi Walalu
  9. Dathe Ran Muthu
  10. Dawadi Thilina Ran Mini Muthu
  11. Deege Bara Bage
  12. Didulana Podi Ran Tharuwak
  13. Dilidune Daruwane
  14. Ea Geetha Rawe
  15. Ea Kale Wage Na Adare
  16. Eeye Men Oba
  17. Ganga Nadiye Hamuwu
  18. Gangule Iwure
  19. Gata Pichcha Suwandata
  20. Geetha Gaya (Supem Pa)
  21. Hama Hawasaka Ma
  22. Hawasata Paya
  23. Hima Kandu Yahane
  24. His Veedo Bandun
  25. Hithumathe Jeewithe
  26. Jayasri We Kumariye
  27. Jeewithayata Maga Penwa
  28. Kalaya Galana Me Nadiye
  29. Kawadada Hitha Hinahenne
  30. Kowula Kohedo
  31. Kreedakayo Tharagaye Yedena
  32. Kumariye Oba Langa Ma
  33. Lassana Midule
  34. Ma Awe Pawasannai
  35. Ma Dayabara Priyawiye
  36. Ma Ha Ae Suratha Dara
  37. Ma Upanna Deshayai
  38. Mage Jeewithaye Pa Sandu Se
  39. Mage Loke Sihine Oba We
  40. Mahada Sanasu Preme
  41. Mal Sinaha Pawe (I Love You)
  42. Mama Raga Thala
  43. Mangalle Mal Mala Dala
  44. Maranaye Dora Aree
  45. Mayawa Randawu Sinawe
  46. Me Punchi Hithakata
  47. Me Seetha Ra Yamaye
  48. Mee Bindu Gala Gala Thibunu
  49. Minisiyawe Mahima Thawa
  50. Mulu Lowa Mawitha Kalo
  51. Muwa Hasaral Mawuye
  52. Nawa Aare As Bandum Enne
  53. Nethu Piya Wasa
  54. Pata Pata Suwanda Hamana
  55. Pera Wasanthaya
  56. Pin Pata Pipi Mala
  57. Punchi Punchi Punchi Patawune Ma
  58. Ra Thun Yame Palu
  59. Raja Madure Ipadeela
  60. Rallen Ralla Wellen Wella
  61. Ranin Mala
  62. Rayak Dawalak Nopeni Nodani
  63. Sammani Duwani
  64. Sanda Langa Danga Kala
  65. Sanda Se Nisha Thalawe
  66. Sanda Seethalada
  67. Sanda Yame Paya Tharu Uyane
  68. Sandu Sagawela
  69. Sangawee Yannata Bari Wu
  70. Sara Sande Sina Sele
  71. Sathutin Nidalle
  72. Senehasa Pibidi
  73. Senehe Irak Patha
  74. Sihina Ahase Wasanthe
  75. Sihinayaki Jeewithe
  76. Sihiniga Nalawenna
  77. Sithata Ganna Wera Wadanna
  78. Sithehi Yamak Nam
  79. Sithumi Duwe Visura Puthe
  80. Snehaye Handa Jesuni
  81. Sonduru Rayaka Yame
  82. Suhada Madura Preme
  83. Sunil Wala Salu Pili Patala
  84. Sura Anganawo Ra Ahase Paya
  85. Sura Lowa Madale Geetha Gayanne
  86. Tharu Yaye Athin Athata
  87. Tharuwak Pipi Ra
  88. Vil Jale Pipena Nelumata
  89. Wareka Sada Sulagak Wagei


  1. Ada Nathuwada Awi Mana – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  2. Ada Vinode Sapa Soyala – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  3. Adara Geetha Gayala – with Kalawathee
  4. Adare Nam Pothe – with Champa Kalhari
  5. Adaredo Dasin Pawasa Giye – with Shyami Fonseka
  6. Al Hene Pal Rakiddi – with G.S.B. Rani Perera
  7. Ananda We Jeewithe – with Nathasha Perera
  8. Api Santhosen Inne – with Milton Perera
  9. Asha Nura Sanda Paya – with Mariyasel Gunathilaka
  10. Ashawe Ashawe Paya – with H.R. Jothipala
  11. Atha Duraka Desa Pawela – with Neela Wickramasinghe
  12. Awa Awa Adare Soyala – with Chandraleka Perera
  13. Ayachana Obe Netha Randu Sithuwame
  14. Cheriyo Kiyala Me – with Freddie Silva
  15. Dase Obe Senehe Mawewi – with Uresha Ravihari
  16. Gee Rasa Denna – with Chandrika Siriwardena
  17. Hima Kumariye – with Nathasha Perera
  18. Hima Renu Watena – with Latha Walpola
  19. Hinahedo Jala Rakusa – with H.R. Jothipala
  20. Jeewithe Mal Supipunu Mawathe – with Dayan Witharana
  21. La Neela Akashaye – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  22. Ma Ha Lanwela – with Milton Mallawarachchi
  23. Ma Mal Kumarayo – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  24. Madura Prema Nimnaye – with Sujatha Aththanayaka
  25. Mage Adare Vimane – with Uresha Ravihari
  26. Mal Mee Man Math (Ding Dong Oh Baby) – with Chandrika Siriwardena
  27. Mal Muthulel Hiripoda Warusawaka – with Malani Bulathsinhala
  28. Mala Gira Jodu Sadi – with Chandraleka Perera
  29. Manaliyak Sanda Wage – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  30. Me Gee Sandawe – with Kumari Munasinghe
  31. Nil Nuwan Sandalle – with Nirosha Virajini
  32. Nilla Madin Yan Adara – with Maya Damayanthi
  33. Nindedi Rathri Sihine – with Chandrika Siriwardena
  34. Obage Denethin Galai Adare – with Latha Walpola
  35. Pawee Pawee Seetha Maruthe – with Anjalin Gunathilaka
  36. Payana Sanda Kirane – with Latha Walpola
  37. Pem Loke Pavi Pavi Yawi – with Milton Mallawarachchi
  38. Pipena Male Suwanda Dane – with Latha Walpola
  39. Punchi Ranpata Samanalayo – with Nathasha Perera
  40. Rosa Mal Wimanaye – with Chandrika Siriwardena
  41. Sagare Wageya Mage – with Uresha Ravihari
  42. Sansara Gee Rawaye – with Latha Walpola
  43. Sihina Lathaviya Sathapena Dase – with Neela Wickramasinghe
  44. Sinaha Kandulu – with H.R. Jothipala
  45. Sudu Muthulal Sihine – with Latha Walpola
  46. Thisara Vile – with Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  47. Udarata Sinhala Porane – with W.D. Amaradewa
  48. Wadath Agei Hadath Penei – with Freddie Silva


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