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Black Mesa: Black Ops is a mod for Half-Life 2, created by H.E.C.U.

Half-Life 2 mod Radiator 1-1: Polaris being remade as standalone game. Black Mesa: Uplink mod recreates Half-Life demo with Source graphics. Enter Black Mesa. The story continually unfolds in Half-Life. You play the role of one Gordon Freeman, theoretical physicist working on behalf of the military in an underground research complex called Black Mesa.


It’s a single player campaign, that’s a remake of Half-Life: Black Ops mod, with addend new levels and expanded storyline.


The player slips into the role of agent Declan Walker, member of the Black Operations, a special-purpose force for covered operations, created by the government, approximately around the project Black Mesa. In the fictitious metropolis “Metro City” will make you hunt on the escaped scientist Dr. Gallagher, who stole a mysterious briefcase, which the government wants to have back at any price. But the good doctor has relations and so it succeeds him to escape one more time..

To install: extract into „.. steam/steamapps/sourcemods” and relaunch Steam.

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Just under two weeks after first launching Steam Greenlight as a way to gauge user interest in a wide variety of independent games, Valve has selected ten titles from the service for full distribution through Steam.

Half-Life mod Black Mesa is probably the most high-profile selection among the initial batch of games. The fan-made remake of the original Half-Life, which has been in development since 2004, will be released on Friday as a limited version with content up to the Lambda Core, according to project leader Carlos Montero. Valve says other approved Greenlight titles will be released independently in the coming months, though, owing to 'varying stages of completion.'

Frenetic, abstract mini-game collection McPixel was also plucked from the Greenlight offerings, after developer Sos Sosowski gave the game away through torrent site the Pirate Bay over the weekend.


While Valve hasn't gone into great detail about precisely how it selects Greenlight games, the service seems to be close to a pure meritocracy at this point. The ten games chosen in this first round are also the ten games that have received the most positive votes from Steam users since the service launched.

All ten games in this first batch were submitted to the system before Valve's controversial announcement that Greenlight developers would need to make a $100 donation to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity before submitting games for consideration, in order to 'cut down the noise in the system.'

The full list of approved titles (with links to more information on each) is as follows: Adobe offline activation not working.