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Custom Instruments: These instruments are easily recognized by the use of a four digit number stamped into the wood on the back of the peghead. The numbers ran from #0000 through #0680. All of the early Hamer USA Standards and 12-String basses as well as a number of prototype instruments were included in this serial numbering system. I found and won a Hamer Sunburst Archtop Flame (in Tobacco Burst: dark orange blending into black on the edges) for $180, mainly because I.

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***updates as of 11/21/18 with asterisks***
***1)This is a USA Hamer Scarab. it is NOT an import XT series like the one the dude is trying to sell on the “other site” for close to USA money.. the quick way to tell is the controls.. on USA scarabs the controls run parallel to the edge of the body, on the XT imports, they run at an angle, like a Gibson Explorer.
This guitar is priced about right for a USA Scarab with a refin and repair.
Please stop sending me XT series level offers, they will be rejected*****
****2). *** I originally wrote “The Kahler, is a Kahler, with the behind the nut lock, and it does exhibit the 'g-string hanky panky' Well, I was playing it the other day and.. I’m a dumbass. I didn’t have the d/g clamp locked down for like, the last 6+ months since I drop tuned it a half step to jam with some friends right before I wrote that..ugh. tightening that has made it behave pretty well and it only complains if you abuse it.. its actually functions pretty nice for a 30 year old Kahler*****
Original listing...
Here is my 1980’s Hamer Scarab
I say 1980s because the serial number is long gone. however, there's no question of authenticity, I'm sure quite a few the Hamer Club members know this guitar and me ;)
I purchased this guitar from a local music store in 1988 after it had been sent to a repair shop (Guitar Associates) for a headstock/ neck repair and refinish from the original Ferrari Red to Black Nitro.
The guitar stayed in this state for several years and then I stripped the black lacquer and tung oiled the entire guitar in 1996?
About 5-6 years ago, I got an order in for several Bengal Tiger finishes. Sooooo, as I was never happy with the boring mahogany in satin tung oil, used the scarab as a test monkey. why not, it's an 80s guitar, Right!
The 2K urethane base/clear four step paint came out well, (yellow, orange burst, tiger stripes, clear) but there are several tape marks that are present around the tiger stripes in a couple of places. (Which were not present in the contracted guitars thanks to the experience gained here).
I have included pictures to show the errors in the paintwork on the body.
I have receive several questions about the thickness of the paint. The paint itself is thin as a nitro job would be. This is not one of the new polyester thicker than snot paint jobs. The paint on the body is not chipped anywhere. (Just the headstock)
The neck crack at the nut was repaired in 1988 and has not moved since.
The neck is tung oiled, and has been that way since the mid 90s.
The thin Hamer neck is stable, I've only had to adjust the truss rod once when the humidifier died in my house 2 years ago!
The action is low and fast and it is currently set up with 9s. I can set it for another gauge before shipping, but the thing has lived in 9s for the past 30 years.. keep that in mind.
It still has the original Hamer frets. They were milled last, by me, while I was working at BCR music in Lemoyne PA about 10 years ago and they do not show any further wear. But, that's probably the last time they can be milled as they are now 'low-wide', probably .04' high.. which.. it's what I actually prefer!!!
PICKUPS.. these are the AMBER EPOXY EMG 81-85 set.. (Early 80s production) That means that they sound sooooooooo much better than any series that has come after. I think they sound awesome as compared to the stale versions that came after. I have used this guitar to demonstrate that fact over and over.. the difference is almost like putting a piece of paper over the amp when you switch to a modern set of EMGs. It also means that you need to keep them at 9v. No matter what EMG says. they changed the preamp at the same time they switched from amber epoxy to black (‘84/‘85)
The jack has been upgraded to an electro socket so that it can be easily replaced, doesn't come loose constantly and doesn't constantly wear out like the barrel jack that was stock...
The headstock still has the lacquer from the 80's repaint, and has a few chips that I have no problem touching up before I send it out.
It comes with the original rectangular Hamer Hardshell Case it came with when I bought it.
Shipping is $75 in the US.
This guitar has a rosewood board.. no shipping outside US.
Please ask any and all question before buying or offering as this sale is final and there are no returns

This item is sold As-Described

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.

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