Harley Engine Serial Numbers

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Case Numbers. Please feel free to comment good, bad, or informational on any of the photos in this album. We hope this database of numbers will help educate people in the vintage motorcycle industry to spot suspect numbers. Different numbers are stamped in different locations on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The Vehicle Identification Number is on the swingarm frame and on the crankcase. Numbers are also stamped on the cylinder. Some might think this is the parts number, but the three-part number stands for the casting number.

The VIN code of the motorcycle can tell you as much information as the DNA of a human being. With the help of the Harley VIN decoder, you can find out the technical specs about the body of the bike, the engine type and the equipment that comes with the bike. However, the DNA remains unchanged while the codes of the bikes become different from time to time.

All the Harley Davidson bikes can be divided into three groups depending on the manufacture date and the way their VIN codes can be deciphered:

  • The first is the bikes that were produced from 1930 to 1969. The code consisted of eight symbols where the first two numbers indicated the manufacture year, the next two letters stood for the model and the last part was the production number. The VIN code was placed on the lest case. You can decipher the code on your own.
  • The second group is the bikes that were produced from 1970 to 1980. The VIN code consists of 9 characters. The code includes such information about the HD bike as the model, the year and the production number. You can decode it on your own.
  • And the third group is the bikes that have been produced since 1980. The VIN code is located on the frame. It consists of 17 characters that can be deciphered with the Harley Davidson VIN decoder.

The VIN decoder Harley Davidson is a tool that receives the code, takes one symbol and searches its meaning through the various database. If any symbol of the code is not presented, the decoder skips it and proceeds to the next ones. The law that requires all the manufacturers to use a single standard for generating VIN codes is implemented on the territory of the US. It's not obligatory in the countries of EU.

HD VIN Number Decoder

Although the Harley Davidson VIN number decoder provides the results in a few seconds, let's consider a few symbols from the code and their meaning. The first three characters always identify the manufacturer of the bike. The typical beginning of the code can be 1HD where 1 stands for the USA and HD stands for Harley Davidson. It seems that you don't need the decoder after you cope with the first symbols. However, this part is the shortest and the easiest one. Other characters provide a wide choice of combinations that represent the models and their specs.

There's a special character that can inform the HD VIN decoder whether the code is valid or not. If at least one symbol was somehow changed, the check digit will find it out. Why do people change the code? If the bike is stolen, the code is changed and it's sold as a completely another vehicle. It's better to look at the code on the frame and lit it with the flashlight. If you see any scratches or damages, the code was probably changed. Pay attention to the slightest shades and lines that are hardly visible.

Deciphering the code with a special Harley Davidson VIN decoder is free and you can do it with several items. You can check the VIN code when you buy a bike. In this case, you will compare the data from the site with the specs and equipment of the real bike. If something is missing, you will ask the owner about it. You can use the decoder for searching the parts for the motorcycle. We know that original parts are hard wearing and they can prolong the life of the HD.

Harley-Davidson Sample VIN

  • 1HD1KED10HB661265 — 2017 Harley-Davidson FLHTK / ultra limited - (1.8 Li), Motorcycle - Touring
  • 1HD1BFV14EB015825 — 2014 Harley-Davidson FXSB-103 Breakout (1.7 Li V2), Motorcycle - Custom
  • 1HD1FC413AB618635 — 2010 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU (1584CC), Motorcycle - Touring
  • 1HD1FS4158Y675467 — 2008 Harley-Davidson FLTR FLTR (1584CC), Motorcycle - Touring
  • 1HD1FBW1X5Y614401 — 2005 Harley-Davidson FLHRI (1450CC), Motorcycle - Touring

Harley Davidson, these two words only are capable of making you daydream about breathtaking landscapes, a powerful roar of the engine and maybe a good company. It's unbelievable how many fans in the world adore this brand and can count on it. It's a real icon in its field. The Harleys could not be so fast like the competitors. But if a touring bike is what you seek, a Harley Davidson is still one of the best choices for you.

Chances are, if you are reading this page now, you are interested in buying one of these street-dinosaurs. And if you want to avoid bad deals and unpleasant surprises, you have to do a Harley Davidson VIN check.

In other words, you have to check the VIN number of the bike and decipher it. But what a VIN actually is? And, what information can it give to me?

Basically, a VIN number is an identification number given to every motorized vehicle, a sort of its fingerprint. If you decode it, you can discover such information as the year of production, the manufacturer, engine type, equipment and other useful info.

How Can I Decode This Number?

It is necessary to make a clear distinction between the different models by dividing them into three groups by year.

  • 1st Group - The first group includes bikes from 1930 to 1969. They have a code made up by 8 signs: the first two signs specified the manufacture year, the next two the bike model and the last signs are the production number. This number can be easily decoded by yourself.
  • 2nd Group - The second group includes bikes from 1970 to 1980. They have a code made up by 9 signs which gives you the same basic information you get in the first group. Like the other one, it can be decoded by yourself too.
  • 3rd Group - The third group includes bikes from 1980 to nowadays. They have a code made up by 17 signs and it can be decoded by our free Harley Davidson VIN checker. Almost always, you will find the VIN code on the frame.

When considering the purchase of any used Harley Davidson, it is obligatory to check the VIN number and make sure it matches with the one on the documents. Nevertheless, printing errors are frequent in manufacturing. So, don't panic if the numbers don't match. Sometimes going to you nearest office of motor vehicles could solve the situation.

If the Harley's VIN number on the frame doesn't match with the one on the documents, the bike is not legally registered. Even if the VIN number on the engine does match with the one on the documents. Concerning legal registration, only the frame VIN is applicable. That's really important if you don't want to take any risk.

Harley Davidson VIN History

Figuring out a Harley Davidson VIN history it's very simple with our easy-to-use VIN checker. Just follow these really simple steps.

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  • Find the VIN number of the Harley in question, usually on the frame;
  • Type the number into our VIN checker paying attention to every digit. We suggest you double-check the number to make sure you've typed it properly (it could save you unnecessary incomprehension with the seller);
  • Click on the Check VIN button and wait a few seconds;
  • Now you can benefit from being up to date with all the information about the bike you are evaluating.

It's definitely easy to use, and very fast. So, don't wait any longer and take advantage of this useful tool.