Hirobo Quark Sg Manual

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The Hirobo S.R.B Quark (aka Quark, Quark FP), is a micro-sized fixed pitch electric helicopter Comprehensive page printed user manual. Categories RC Helicopter Kits Electric Heli Hirobo SRB Quark SG Mode II Jeti GHz Browse these categories as well: Hirobo, All Models. Lepton EX 路 XRB SR Lama 路 S.R.B. Quark 路 Sceadu 路 S.R.B Quark SG Categories Parts Electrical Parts Hirobo XRB SR Lama XRB-SR USERS MANUAL.

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Every country has a different Hirobo distributor, responsible for repair and replacement. When I check the symptoms on the manual’s error display list, it says “Poor Reception”.

Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. I believe that if you want to fly using throttle and curves programming then I will have to get back to Ruedi for further advise.

Quote message in maunal Aug 08, Return to Micro Helis. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Jan 11, The Quark performs very well out of the box and, as a result, no major modifications are required. Jul 22, If damaged, the control unit cannot be purchased as a replacement part but may be repaired by an authorized service.

Hirobo Xrb Sr Lama Manual Hirobo Recent Hirobo Purchases: TAIL ASSEMBLY FOR XRB SR SHUTTLE HIROBO 0301 105 SCHWEIZER 300 30 SCALE RC HELICOPTER NEW IN BOX, Hirobo LAMA SA 315B. Eagle 3 EP EMBLA Lepton EX SDX EP SWM FLYBAR LESS S.R.B. Quark SG XRB Lama Silver Shuttle plus 2 SX EP Hirobo Goblin 380.

How did you bind your RX to your radio? Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Jun 20, But, that should be your first contact, not the seller. Balr14 Cranky old fart.

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SRB Quark SG Mode II Jeti 2.4GHz

I have searched google for Embla Manaul but no information. If jirobo helicopter loses the transmitter signal e.

Have got a long way to go to be a ff flyer. Most of these third-party batteries have a JST connector but the Quark uses a proprietary Molex connector.

Released in Februarythe Quark has developed a reputation for its high degree of flight stability, precise handling, safety features, robust and reliable parts but expensiveand historically high MSRP. A JST-Molex adapter cable or connector change is required in order to use third-party batteriesalong with slight modifications or removal of the battery tray for most of them, due to battery thickness.

In general, the Quark is very resistant to damage, with the exception of the blades. Although the Quark is generally considered to be very safe around people, flying aircraft is a dangerous activity and can cause injury or even death. Bind plug position Quote: None of the servos and throttle works.

Hi iloveheli, I have bound my heli using the manual and guidance from Ruedi as enclosed. Connecting a battery the wrong way round, through a bad JST mqnual for instance, is known to immediately “burn” or “smoke” the control unit. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.


Some optional hirobbo are listed below. The stock battery yields flight times between minutes. The Quark is considered by many to be one of the easiest and safest single-rotor fixed pitch helicopters to fly. Please send me an email or pdf link.

Hirobo S.R.B. Quark Manuals

Most users remove the battery tray and attach third-party batteries with Velcro directly to the bottom of the helicopter, or use elastic bands. I’m still at the learning stage but the heli gives me so much more confidence attempt circuits at walking pace.

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