How To Update Nfl 2k5 Rosters On Xbox 360

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Bhanumathi old tamil songs free download. It's a little bit of a tricky process compared to doing it on a PC. But you can update your ESPN NFL 2k5 rosters and there is a 2k5 community out there doing the good roster work for that game that folks here do for Madden PC.

How to update espn nfl 2k5 rosters on xbox 360
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Re: Spear's NFL 2K19 Rosters (PS2/Xbox/360)
I'm very new to this board, so I won't be able to post active links, but for anyone who encounters issues with xport360 or Xplorer360 while using Windows 10, I think I was able to discover a solution last night. I tried to update the rosters using Xport360 and Xplorer360 on my Surface Go but I couldn't drag and drop the files in Xport360 and Xplorer360 wouldn't let me access any files in partition 3. I googled alternate solutions and eventually stumbled upon FATXplorer which can be found if you Google FATXplorer
Of course I still needed to use a Xbox 360 transfer cable, but once I installed the software and ran an update, there was an option to load/refresh a device and then I could either integrate the content of the device into Windows or open files in FATXplorer's own system. I opted to integrate with Windows and was given the option to assign the HDD a drive location, which I assigned to drive L: the first time I tried FATXplorer (I disconnected my HDD and then tried it again to make sure it really was working and the second time I assigned the HDD to drive J. Once I selected a drive I could select which partition I wanted to access.
Once I completed these two steps I was able to access my Xbox 360 HDD and update the contents of the UDATA folder with the new rosters I downloaded from this thread. I connected my HDD back to the Xbox 360 and fired up NFL 2k5. Sure enough the roster files were there and everything worked great. I did a second test with a franchise file, and that worked too.
Only downside is that FATXplorer is only free during a 7 day trial and then looks like you have to pay for it ($25). But for someone like me who just wanted to get this year's roster it was a effective solution. I'm not sure if anyone else has had any experience with FATXplorer, but if you are having trouble with Windows 10 then you might want to try this option. I found a generic tutorial of how to use FATXplorer on Youtube and you can find this tutorial if you search FATXplorer on YouTube (uploaded by user Ant C). This shows the steps to get to your game save files at around 3:15, and then you just have to use the steps documented in this thread to update the rosters. I hope this helps others who had problems with Windows 10 and let me know if anyone knows of any issues or concerns related to FATXplorer.
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