Hp 32s Rpn Scientific Manual

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When the batteries on my beloved old hp 32S RPN Scientific calculator
seemed to have run down to the edge of failure, I took them out and left
it without batteries installed for 2 or 3 weeks while I got new ones.
[<http://www.batterybob.com/> was a great online source, by the way.]
When I installed the new ones and started it up, the opening screen
said, 'Memory Empty!' (or something similar). Since then a few of the
keypad inputs are accepted (numbers, Enter key, etc), most of the others
just don't work (+, *, times keys, Roll, functions, etc.)
Is there a way to restore the brain in this deserving antique? A
'reset' button or sequence? (My original users manual is long gone.)
Thanks for any info; email cc of replies appreciated.