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Are you having any issues with installing MX player app from Play Store? Do you prefer sideloading apps rather than regular Play Store installation? If you are a person who has yes to both the questions given above and you want to download MXPlayer APK, you have landed in the right place. I am going to give you the APK file here. Are you ready to get it? Here you go!

Dec 18, 2019  How to Download MX Player Pro For Free. Step 1: Open your web browser be it on the computer or mobile and, search for MX Player pro apk download. Obviously, you are going to get tons of links there. But I recommend going with the mxplayerdownload.co one. MX Player Pro 2018. MX Player Pro Download: Hello Folk, I am back with the great article and awesome Android media player.MX Player Pro Apk is the premium Android media player which you can not use without purchase it. If you want to use the great Android media player MXplayer Apk pro version then you will need to pay for it.


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Download MX Player Latest Version

If for any reason the above link doesn’t work, please download MX Player apk version from the official website. I hope you know how to sideload apps using the proper APK file. After downloading the file, go to Settings> Security, and then check Unknown sources. Finally, open the file to install the app. There you go!

Hey, don’t forget you can also download MX Player pro version from our site. You can also check on How to Install MX Player on Firestick and Download MX Player for PC Windows 10/8/7/8.1.

Features of MX Player

Now that you got what you wanted, let’s have a look at the features of this awesome app. The following are the incredible features of our beloved media player.

Hardware Acceleration

You can accelerate your smartphone hardware for better performance. This app offers different media encoders to get you better performance. The developers have added a special decoding engine named HW+, using which your smartphone plays video files with its maximum capacity.

No, it won’t create any issues. In case your media file has less volume, you can switch on to the SW coder to have it the maximum. If you face no audio issue on the app while watching movies, please download MX Player custom codec from here.

Different Gesture Support

This media player supports a wide variety of gestures to make the usage easier. You can pinch to zoom in and zoom out.

Moreover, you can slide over the screen to skip the video. There are a lot of easy gestures like this for you to explore. Obviously, the easy-to-use gestures increase the ease of access.

Subtitle Support

When we watch some foreign videos, subtitles are necessary. Not every mobile video player supports subtitles. Don’t worry! MX Player has subtitle support. It supports almost all the subtitle format. You can place the subtitle file into the same directory as that of the video file to make it activated.

Moreover, there is an option for you to download the accurate subtitle from the web as well. It is up to you whether to go with the local subtitle or download one directly from the app interface.

The best thing about this app’s subtitles is the gestures. Yeah, gestures of subtitles are also available. You can move the text, increase the font size and color. Of all, you can skip the subtitle texts too.

Kid’s Lock

If you have a kid, you know how difficult it is for you to watch a video without distraction. Most probably, they will try to touch the screen. Heroes lore 2.

If you enable the kid’s lock facility available on the app, you don’t have to open the file again or set the correct position to watch from where you stopped.

The kid’s lock facility gets deactivated only when you touch on a specific part of the screen. Given that your toddler has no clue where to touch, you will not have any issues in continuing the playback.

FAQ About MX Player

How to download MXPlayer APK version?

Go to MXPlayer to get the APK to get the latest version. On either site, look for the download button and click on it to download the file automatically. Once the download is done, click on the downloaded file to install.

Where to download MX Player official latest version?

You can get MXPlayer here for the latest official version.

How to update MX Player to its latest version?

Always check for the most current version of this app at MX Player by visiting mxplayerappdownload.com. Once you’re inside the site, just click on the download button and you will get the latest version. Click the downloaded file, it will update the current APK that you have.

I hope you have downloaded MXPlayer APK. Didn’t you? What are you waiting for? It is so far the best video player for Android. Get your hands on it now. You will feel the awesomeness sooner.

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