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    Please note: This is the installer provided by devkitPro which installs and updates the tools and libraries we provide and support. devkitPro is an organisation and has no versions. The version number here refers to the installer and has no relevance to any of the toolchains or other components we supply.

    Please do not use this installer and then overwrite anything with downloads provided by 3rd parties. Downgrading individual components can and will cause problems with your installation.

    If you require help updating old projects to work with updated tools and libraries then please ask. Please do not downgrade your tools or advise others to do so.

    Please do not link directly to this release. Link to Getting Started where more in depth instructions will be provided

    Please do not write tutorials without discussing it with devkitPro staff first

    • Rebuild with long strings NSIS
    • checks for empty PATH on uninstall

    devkitPPC is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and includes a C (gcc) and C++ compiler (g++), a debugger (gdb) and associated utilities, with the architecture 'powerpc-eabi'. It also includes standard C libraries based on newlib, which is specifically designed for embedded systems. Compilers and libraries are also included for the MN10200, the Matsushita (Panasonic) chip used in the Wii DVD controller. It is designed to be used in conjunction with libogc, a collection of Wii-specific low-level libraries.

    Instructions for setting up the system are available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Additional information and download links can be found at the devkitPro website.

    When I tried doing that, the following error showed up.If user click “OK’, the installation of.NET 1.1 will be cancelled, while clicking “CANCEL”produces another error message similar to below:RegSvcs.exe - No debugger found Registered JIT debugger is not available. Crack It seems Daemon Tools dont have support for beta editions.)The next problem arose when I tried to install dotnet framework 1.1. An attempt to launch a JIT debugger with the following command resulted in an error code of 0×2 (s). The first problem popped while I tried to install Daemon Tools.( For people who still have problem installing Daemon Tools, try installing.

    Automated install scripts for Linux can be found at and DevkitProLinuxInstall. These are 3rd party installers and are not supported by the devkitPRO team. So don't complain to them if they break something.

    For Windows users it comes with the MSYS environment, which is a minimal set of GNU tools such as a shell.

    Ported libraries

    The following libraries are available for download from devkitPro SourceForge, precompiled for use with devkitPPC. Simply place them in the appropriate devkitPPC portlibs folder (on Windows this is c:devkitProportlibsppc).

    • Expat - XML parser library
    • FreeType - TTF/Type1 font support
    • libjpeg - JPEG support library
    • libpng - PNG support library
    • Mini-XML - XML library
    • libtremor - An integer-only fully Vorbis compliant software decoder library
    • zlib - ZIP compression/decompression library


    The following tools are included as well:

    • doltool - a tool for converting to and from .dol executable files and examining their contents
    • gcdspsuite - an assembler for the gamecube DSP chip written by duddie.
    • wiiload - a utility for uploading code to the wii written by Dhewg.
    • gxtexconv - a utility for texture conversion written by Shagkur.

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