Installing Realtek Hd Audio Driver Failure. Download

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Audio drivers for your computer can come in different types depending on the model of computer you are using. One type of audio driver that is typically found on many desktop computer systems is the Realtek High Definition Audio driver. When there are problems with this type of audio driver, you will need to troubleshoot to find the cause. This can involve running the Intel Audio Wizard or re-installing the Realtek HD Audio driver on your system.

Run Intel's Audio Wizard

Step 1

Install realtek hd audio driver failure, Realtek AC97 Audio Driver A4.06, Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 2.68, Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 2.68. Realtek High Definition HD Audio Driver ‎ 01:44 PM. Greetings @Heanic, Welcome to HP Forums and Thanks for the post. I understand that you are unable to install Realtek audio driver. Happy to help. Download the Realtek audio driver from Realtek website directly and install it.

Go to Intel's Desktop Boards troubleshooting page and launch the Audio Wizard. The wizard will have you check various connections and settings on your system.

Step 2

Select the option for the problem you are having. Click either the “Cannot hear any sound” button or the “Microphone does not work' button. Fsnavigator serial.

Step 3

Answer each question or follow any instructions that are provided on each screen when going through the wizard.

Installing Realtek Hd Audio Driver Failure. Download

Download the Realtek HD Audio driver if the wizard does not solve the problem.

Reinstall the Realtek HD Audio Driver

Step 1

Verify you have the Reaktek HD Audio Manager installed on your system. You should see the Realtek HD Sound Effects Manager icon on the Windows Taskbar or in the Control Panel.

Step 2

Download and install the Realtek HD Audio driver if the icon is missing or the software does not open correctly.

Step 3

Save the audio driver setup file to a location such as your desktop. Double-click the setup file on your desktop to install the audio driver to your system.

Verify the Realtek HD icon is in the Windows Taskbar or in the Control Panel.


  • Make sure you have the audio cable plugged into the output jack on the back of the computer and that you do not have the sound muted.


  • If your computer does not support HD audio, you will not be able to use the Realtek HD Audio driver.

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Realtek is a Taiwanese company with a strong focus on Audio Devices and thus Audio Drivers. These Audio Drivers interact with the sound card of the computer in order to produce sound. Audio Drivers are constantly updated and it is therefore very important to ensure you have the latest version of Audio Driver installed to enable the smooth-running of your audio devices.

Realtek is probably best known for AC’97 Audio Drivers but HD Audio Drivers have now replaced AC’97 and are far more advanced. HD Audio Drivers produce higher quality sound and are compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. HD Audio Drivers also support endless formats of sound and have a high frequency bandwidth and possible speech recognition. Since 2014, the latest version of HD Audio Drivers is 2.75.

Various errors can arise when trying to configure your Audio Drivers and installing the latest Sound Driver updates. It is important to understand what each of these errors mean, enabling you to troubleshoot the problem. Below are some common errors that often occur when dealing with HD Audio Drivers.

Common HD Audio Errors:

0001 Error

The main reason for Error 0001 occurring is damage to the windows file system. Incorrectly deleting applications or hardware and deleting any incomplete installations usually results in system file errors. Shutting down the computer improperly or recovering the computer from spyware etc. can also result in system files being corrupted. These corrupted files can cause problems for applications seeking system file information.

0101 Error

This error usually arises when the operating system becomes corrupted. Other reasons can be the presence of spyware, malware and programs not installing properly. Over time all these issues build up in the registry which slows down other programs, preventing them from starting or working efficiently. After a while your PC will start to experience lag and irregular crashes.

0xE0000227 Error

This is a common error in Windows XP and can occur during the installation process. This driver issue causes the installation to freeze. Previously installed incorrect Drivers can also cause lead to this error.

0x000005b3 Error

This error indicates a problem during Driver installation. While updating or installing the Audio Driver, if the currently installed Driver is either corrupt or partly uninstalled, it will cause a problem with the installation of the latest Driver and will result in this error.

0x000003e3 Error

This error is a result of the absence of system files on the computer during the process of uninstalling Realtek or other drivers from the computer.

If you are experiencing other problems with your Realtek Audio Drivers, you could download a driver update tool to check for driver issues.