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Tractor serial numbers. How to find tractor serial numbers: TractorData.com lists tractor serial numbers under the individual model. Use the menu at the top to select your tractor manufacturer and model, the serial number list will be on the tractor's data page. Kubota farm tractors by year Established in 1890, the Kubota Corporation has a long history of manufacturing agricultural machinery in Japan. With an excellent line of compact tractors, necessary on smaller Japanese farms, Kubota entered the North American market in 1969.

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year manufactured

ShepherdBillI have a L295DT 12496. Is there a way or place to find out its year of manufacture?
Rick WesterfieldHello Bill,

Look for the data plate with the tractor serial number. Mine is on the left side of the frame below the seat . . . if I remember correctly. If not there, try the right side. Is 12496 the serial number?

Call your local Kubota dealer and give them the number. They should be able to answer your question.


ShepherdBillThanks Rick. I thought maybe there was a website for Kubota's that had this.

The 12496 is the tractor serial number.

What model of Kubota do you have?

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Rick WesterfieldHello Bill,

Mine is a B6200 that my local dealer indicated was built in 1985. I really enjoy mine and have picked up a few things on E-bay such as an owner's manual, shop manual, exploded parts diagram, dealer's brochure and a few other little things. I am continually amazed at what can be found on E-bay and I'm sure the sellers are equally incredulous that a market exists for their stuff.

Try tractorsmart.com for a web site but I am not certain if they have a lookup capability or not. I was able to download a good mower deck manual from the people there. They are very supportive if you ask questions by e-mail and this sounds right up their alley. Kubota.com might also be revealing for you but again . . . I am not certain. For quickness of answer, I would call your local Kubota dealer tomorrow because they would love to have your business when it is time for a little preventive maintenance. My local Kubota parts folks have supported me very well and usually have what I need in stock. They even had two kinds of tail light assemblies for my almost 20 year old tractor. I was shocked and the price was not too bad, either!!


ShepherdBillI bought my L295DT used in the mid 1980's. It came with a bakhoe, loader and trailer to haul it on. I also got a blade & 5' rotary mower at the same time. Have since purchased a disc harrow, tool bar and a Mormon creaser. None of the add on 3 point equipment is Kubota but it make for a very useful tractor.

I got an owners manual which include a parts book with the tractor. Also got the owners manual for the backhoe and loader with the tractor.

I've used the tractor to mow weeds and plow snow in Montana. The loader & backhoe are used quite often. Since moving to western Colorado have used it for many things including getting our 40 acres tilled and into grass pasture. Oh, incidently the Mormon creaser is used to make furrows for irrigating farm ground.

It is a real handy little tractor. I'm able to get parts at a dealer about 40 miles away. Haven't ask them about the year, etc. Hadn't really thought much about it until I started looking up info on a Farmall H which I grew up with.

Thanks for your help, Rick.


Vic BHi Bill,

According to my Kubota serial number information, your L295DT was produced for 6 model years, starting in 1977 and ending production in late 1982.

Your serial number 12496 was built in 1978 and was one of 2099 built that production year.

Buyers loved the power and price of Kubota's beefiest L Series of the day, and production orders for 1979 were once again at full capacity 2100 units!

The 'rarest' Kubota L295DT's are the first year models numbering just 431 for total production. A market test year??

Orders tapered off on the L295DT's by 1981 as Kubota rolled only 1050 L295DT's that year.

The writing was on the wall for 1982 and while still an exceptional deal at $8995 US the L295DT was dropped!

Hope this info helps!


ShepherdBillThanks, Vic. That is the info I was looking for. If I might ask, how do you come by this info?


fruitacresBill, your tractor was originally retailed in Wyoming in May of 1979.
ShepherdBillThanks, fruitacres. How do you find out all of this info?

I got the tractor in Missoula, MT. Seems like the dealer said someone bought it for a small contruction outfit and it was too small or something. I don't remember the hours on it but they weren't a lot of them.

fruitacresAs a dealer we have the ability to determine when and where a unit was sold. We also get a list of stolen equipment so that we can check unfamiliar machines brought into the shop for service or repair.
Vic BRoger that!
gerard bonnevillei have a kubota serial # L 185DT -5174Z engine model # z751-A 2 cylinder i would like to know the year
charles lambertI have a kubota L3430 serial 30130 3 cylinder I would like to know the year
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Charles BernierI have a kubota serial # 77614, model B 2400 HSBD. I would like to know the year manufactures.
mike kovaleskikubota l48 sn 61837
Texas Tyler

The mysterious island of captain nemo 1973 download free. I'm trying to read a pre 1997 Kubota Tractor Engine serial number. It's 10103 and I can only find decoding info on the new format
I'm Trying to find out what year this was made.

Texas TylerHmmm, I found this page,
which if I'm not mistaken says it was made in 1980

deanmy kubota identification plate is missing.
the engine serial #D1503-5J1017.
THE TRACTOR SERIAL# L2900D58595 as best i could read it , although it could be L9900D53595.
the valve cover reads 1.499l D1503-ES
the 4WD front axle is embossed L3300
-i'm wondering if this machine was thrown together
with whatever would fit from different models .
thanx for any info you can spare .

Kelly BruceHi,
I am looking at buying a Kubota L175 (17hp) Tractor Z750, Serial Number is 15528, can you tell me what year this tractor was manufactured? thanks
Kelly Bruce.

RandyCan anyone tell me what year my Kubota t1400h was made. The sn#13351.
Thank you,

JohnCan anyone tell me what year my Kubota Model # B1600DT Serial # 21563 was made and if there is a crossover for a US Model?
WilliamWhere can I find a book of kubota tractor serial numbers , up to 2009 ? Thanks .
Joe HollandI have a Kubota model MX5000---S/N 10319
Can someone tell me the web site to establish the manufacture date? (Or the manufacture date)

RichieI have a chance to buy a Kubota L225OT in fair condition. The serial # is 57209. Can you tell me what year it is and the approximate value?
david simplerI have a L295DT and would like a front end loader or a front blade and a back-hoe. Owners and service manuals also.410-398-7680 Dave
billI have a Kubota M4700,do thay make a backhoe that will fit, and if thay do what is the numbers that will fit. Bill
Jim EdwardsI have a L2500DT Ser # 53822 Can some one please tell me the Manufacture date.
KristiDI have a Kubota Tractor G1800(S), serial # 50080. Can anyone tell me the year it was made?! Thank you!
I just recently purchased a B6100 Kubota tractor, but I am not sure of the year. It may be a 1984 or a 1987? Could you help me in getting the year of this model? The serial number is 23933

phil charronhi i bought a kabuta z 221 it has 800 hours on it coult someone find out the year for me. the serial # is 64406
wesI bought a Kubota Aste A 175, s/n 447720 /D1005 engine/.Can anyone tell me the year it was manufactured? Thank you. I am also looking for a service manual for this machine.It's difficult to find anything about A series.

JeffI have a l 295dt ser#10622 could you tell me what year it is. Thank you!
Rick in Western NC

Ok I'll jump in here too.
Kubota T1600 HST sn 13136
I'm pretty sure it's 10-15 yrs old, but looks 1 yr old. Barn kept. Thanks anyone who helps.

Martin WesleyI have a Kubota L200 with a serial number of 13692 I believe this is one of the first Kubota Tractors in the US but I would like to know more.

Jeremy SmartLooking at a Kubota L245 and wanted to know what year it is. The serial # is 10195. Anyone that could help I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Jeff YoungI am buying a L295dt Kubota. Want to add a front loader to the unit. Will a kubota 1720 assembly work on it. If not is there a inexpensive alternative??

Mark TaylorKubota G1800S with serial # 15806. What year?

Mario KiggenHi, I have got a Kubota V1200 Diesel Engine, serial number 754227 and would like to know the year of manufacture. Can anybody please provide this Info? Thanks in adavance, Mario.

kostas Z.

I want to buy a tractor kubota aste 19, can you tell me what dates released this code [aste ] .

Darrell McMahanWhat Year Is This Kubota Tractor serial No L1801-1057 Engine Serial No Z851
Darrell McMahanWhat Year Is My Kubota L1801-1057 Engine Z851 2Cyl
william hoopshave a mx4700hts serial no 50514 what year was it manufactured?
Davethis is 1115 cc universal diesel #311328
GRETA I had my 2006 Kubota L48 Stolen on August 19,2012 from Ridgley, MD. I just found your site and I wanted to make post to it. I am hoping that someone will possibly come acrossed it and I am just reaching out to anyone.

Tractor year by serial number
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