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Jan 05, 2014  Lutterloh produces quarterly suppliments with newer styles.but remember that suppliments can only be enjoyed if you already have the golden rule the latest supplement is no.291.all the individual styles can be seen in the lutterloh website

Lutterloh Patterns, National Park. K likes. The Lutterloh Pattern Making system is the perfect solution for today’s busy sewer. Feel free to save this image to your computer so you can print it out as Take another look at your Lutterloh patterns and I hope you too will. Welcome to your best source for free Lutterloh tips and system Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive! The Lutterloh pattern needed some work.

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Louise October 21, at Thanks for a great blog – it is very very helpful. I had already cut the fabric with no seam allowances to compensate for my stretch fabric but it was still too shapeless. The cutting lines where you have opened new darts will also need to be trued up so you will have smooth transitions from center front and neckline like this: This is the second Lutterloh pattern this year that has sewn up too big for me.

Did you have a specific question about Lutterloh that you wanted to ask?

This did end up being right about the 35 cm as suggested. I live in Christchurch were we are getting lots of earthquakes and will do so for another 30years or the experts tell us.

Depending on the size of your original side dart you will likely need to smooth out this cutting line as well.

If you need a really basic, everyday robe, this pattern is for you. I live in South Africa where Lutterloh doesn’t seem to be known at all.

I’ve been perusing my vintage Lutterloh patterns lately so my next project may be one of those. If you mark a notch at each cross point then you can use these to match up the princess seams when you sew these together. If you want to help just make the front pattern.

If yours doesn’t don’t let that stop you from taking a top pattern and extending the length or if you need just a top how about cutting the pattern off at or below hip level. I’m pleased to have a pajama pattern that I can use as this toddler grows.


The important thing to remember is to keep the proportions the same. This exercise is meant to help you make the most of the patterns you have.

Some are on the side bar. If you look closely you will probably find that you have a pattern for nearly any garment you might like to make.

You may notice from the fashion drawing that this pattern has a designation letter of W for apron. Now in our time yikes we have so many kinds of knits.

Happy sewing from, Ann in Calif. The shape is basic but with enough interest at the neckline to make it your own in lots of different fabrics. I started this pair of Capri pants for the hot season. October 22, at 1: The red arrow points to where you should fold the pattern by the suggested amount.

It is frompattern I don’t want this dress to actually look like it’s from after all. On to the next project then! My version in rayon knit with lace sleeves is definitely ready for warmer weather.

Sew Bambi Sew: FREE Lutterloh Pattern books!!!!!!!

Do you know the little symbol for knits? Sometimes it takes a few tries. I displayed the altered pattern fronts against a colored paper so you can see where additional paper will need to be added to your pattern. I love this blog!

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Rosina January 10, at 6: Supplement – Model – Summer This allows 4 inches for bust and hip adjustments, and 2 inches to fit a slanted shoulder etc. I drafted the tee shirt sleeve and transformed it into a petal sleeve.

The shape of the skirt and the bodice of this dress are so appealing to me that I already have plans to make it into a short dress to wear with leggings and even a top to dress up some jeans.

She has passed on a lot of links that I too find very helpful.

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