Manual Oktava Mk 219 Condenser Microphone

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Manual Oktava Mk 219 Condenser Microphone Rating: 5,9/10 1549 reviews

About microphones Using microphones Where to buy About us Web Large Diaphragm Condenser Overview Applications Technical specifications Frequency response Reviews Buy original Oktava MK-219 Overview The Hugely popular MK 219 is a fixed pattern, cardioid microphone featuring a large diaphragm capsule teamed. Vray 3.00.08 torrent. Bupers manual article c-10310.

Manual oktava mk 219 condenser microphone review
The Oktava MK 219 Condenser Cable Professional Microphone is a mic that can work for just about any occasion. This mic has a classic design that includes a gold spattered Teflon capsule. The MK-219 microphones are fixed pattern, cardioid microphones that are ergonomically designed, which can allow you to hold the mics for long recording sessions. These mics can pick up on the subtleties of the human voice and deliver a professional result.Oktava microphones in this series feature a large diaphragm capsule that can capture every single articulation with clarity. The large capsule can allow your voice to sound genuine and original even when it is amplified in a large, open space. The capsules also include a resonator disk that can extend its high frequency capability. This resonator disk can capture + 4dB at a frequency of 10Hz. The Oktava MK-219 microphone also has low noise, discrete preamplifier circuitry. This allows it to filter out background noise so that only the notes of your music and sounds of your voice are amplified. The modifications this mic can provide you with include a type of tube casing. The mod casing has been acoustically designed to minimize the sound refractions inside the grill. This can allow the mic to provide smoother and more open sounds.The high pass filter has magnetic reed switching, while the resonator disc lends itself well to high frequency sound. The Oktava microphone has a frequency response of 40Hz to 16kHz. This type of frequency response can ensure that the driver components are able to pick up every note of harmonies. The microphone was used in the Soviet Union for Russian video recordings, and it can work just as well in a home recording space in the USA or when you need better sound quality to your videos. This series of mic uses an audio XLR circuit for connectivity. With the audio XLR connection, you can plug the microphone into your preamps and amplify your voice. This standard XLR connection can also work with electronics including keyboards, audio speakers, and amplifiers for on stage performances. It has an impedance of 200 ohms and a max SPL of 120 dB. This Oktava studio modified mic is outfitted with magnetic reed switches. These two switches can make it easy to adjust the operation of the mic during a performance. The microphone also has a 10 dB pad. This 10 dB pad can allow for a good distribution of tone and balanced sounds. The Oktava MK-219 has a high pass filter that can eliminate feedback and reverberations during live performances. It operates on 48 volt phantom power. The adjustable gain can allow users to control the volume of the microphones while they are speaking. These mics also have a built in internal shock mount that can forgive any mishandling. This Oktava condenser microphone weighs 3 pounds, which can make it easy to bring for on the go performances. The Oktava MK-219 comes with a carrying case that can resist water, dust, and dirt. The zippered case is also impact resistant. The powered mic measures about 9 inches long by 6 inches wide by 2 inches deep. The mics can be used on their own or with a coordinating stand for recording vocals and instrumental performances.