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Scotland Map Scotland Travel. Edinburgh Map Located in northwest Europe, Scotland is one of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom. Spanning more than 30,000 square miles, it takes up the northern third of Great Britain, and is bordered on the south by England.

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Map of Scotland - how to print the map on a printer

This map was specially prepared for printing on a computer printer. You can print it very easily to get a paper map for free for your private use. If you have a suitable printer, you can also print on a plastic foil to get a plastic map suitable for worse weather. You can also print the map to pdf. Before printing, you can enlarge the map to see more details, and move it to see the selected location. TakeMaps use Google Maps. If you are interested in how to print a map on multiple pages, how to print a landscape, how to print the map in portrait, or how to print it on the whole paper, check out the hints and tips below. Note that the printed map has usually less details than the screen, if you need a more detailed map, select a larger map zoom before printing.

How to quickly print the map of Scotland:

- If you need to print the map quickly and do not worry about it, just insert the paper into the printer, press the printer image button (here on the left or at the top bar). If you need to save the map to a pdf file, choose this printer: Microsoft print to pdf (or equivalent in a non-Windows system).

How to print the map of Scotland exactly how you wish:

- First select the map orientation for printing - portrait or landscape mode (use the buttons on the left side or at the top). Beware - You have to set your printer the same way.
- Then use the buttons with magnifying glass to set the zoom (details) of the map of Scotland. Then move your mouse cursor to the map and shift the map to the position you like. (Use the mouse button).
- Use the buttons with arrows to set the right and bottom edge of the map. Choose the size which is appropriate for your paper. Check the settings: Print a test page or look at print preview.
- Now you can print the map of Scotland (use the button with computer printer). Beware: This text will be hidden during the printing. Press the button with question mark to show it again.
- If you need to print a big map, then you can print one map to more papers. Then use the second set of buttons with arrows at the top of this page. Print the first part of the map. Then press the right arrow. Print the map. Press the down arrow. Print the map again. Press the left arrow. Now you have 4 parts of one map. You can print 9 parts or more as well.
- You can save your settings - just use the button with the image of diskette. In the future you can load it back - using this field. So you do not need to set the maps again and again.