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Meshuggah Nothing Re Release Rar Rating: 9,7/10 5568 reviews

MESHUGGAH - DISCOGRAFIA / DISCOGRAPHY. 2002 - Nothing, Reroute to Remain (Split). 05 - Re-Inanimate. A remastered re-release of Nothing with a bonus DVD arrived in 2006. The same year, Meshuggah returned to the studio to record the album that would become obZen, their sixth, which was released in March of 2008 in advance of a world tour that began in the United States with the band in the opening slot for Ministry's final jaunt before moving.

Nothing is pretty much one of my favorite albums ever. The heavy polyrhythmic chugging, the mechanical vocals and the intense drumming in the original version clearly made it a significant metal landmark (and kickstarted the whole djent subgenre).
The reason this version of Nothing is useless is because the original release of the album had the musicianship noted above and a very unique, distinctive, and last but not least, IT WAS GOOD. The band sounded alive but robotic in the same time, with the repetitive drums and chugs putting you in some kind of a transcendental state (especially with the songs 'Organic Shadows' and 'Rational Gaze' which are some of the definitive highlights of the album). But in this re-release, the music on this album was removed of its human origins and was made very robotic and fake sounding. The drum machines sound clearly out of place here, and the rerecorded guitars with the new equipment sound too processed and out of place for this album (although it worked very well with the next album, Catch 33)
Another reason of why this version is inferior to the original is that except for the shitty production this release was given, a few songs were altered in their speed which was useless, because the originals sounded much better. For example, Nebulous and Rational Gaze were lowered in their pace and speed which made them lose most of their original magic. These meaningless alterations are accompanied with over-reverberated vocals which sound detached and unrelated to the music, making this entire version of the album sound bland and soulless.
Give yourself a favor, and if you ever get the chance to listen to the original release do it right now. The re-release butchered the music, and made one of the heaviest and best albums of the century sound like it was recorded by the band's own cover band, and has no soul compared to the original. Avoid like fire.

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The new version features the rhythm guitar tracks re-recorded with new guitars and amplifiers. The guitar tracks on the original Nothing were recorded with detuned 7-string Ibanez guitars, as the Nevborn custom 8-string guitars they owned suffered from bad intonation and became detuned between each recording. When guitarists Hagström and Thordendal were sponsored by Ibanez with custom 8-string guitars, they were so pleased with the results that they decided to re-record their parts with the new instruments. The drums were also re-recorded by triggering the original drum hits using Drumkit from Hell Superior. The vocals were not re-recorded, but were given extra dramatic effects.
Aside from the re-recorded guitars and triggered drum samples, there are only two songs significantly modified from their original version. The tempo of 'Nebulous' has been lowered, and the length of 'Obsidian' has nearly been doubled, the heavy riff beginning at 3:08 and changing tempo at around 5:30. The rest of the songs from the re-release seem to be minimally longer than the original release.
This release also includes a DVD of video clips and their Download Festival performance in 2005, as well as modified cover art.

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Recording information:

Original album recorded at Studio Dug-Out, Area 51 & Fear and Loathing in La Spånga.
Re-recorded guitars and all additional editing done at Fear and Loathing Studio by Fredrik Thordendal in 2005 and 2006.
DVD tracks 1-3 recorded live in 2005 at the Download Festival in the United Kingdom.

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Barcode: 7 27361 17292 3
Matrix / Runout (CD): DIDX 128798 2
Matrix / Runout (DVD): DVSS-412230A1 3
Mastering SID Code (CD): IFPI L329
Mastering SID Code (DVD): IFPI L332
Mould SID Code (CD): IFPI 50AB
Mould SID Code (DVD): IFPI OWO4