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Motorola Q Black Patches Rating: 6,0/10 6584 reviews

Detailed features and specs for the Motorola Q for Alltel, Amp'd Mobile, Qwest Wireless, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon. Plus reviews, discussion forum, photos. Even with the Moto G7 on sale, the Moto G6 continues to be an. So don't expect to receive monthly, or even quarterly, security patches.

The choice of a landscape display is a real winner, at least from a readability standpoint. Reading e-mail, RSS feeds or web data feels natural and doesn’t require endless scrolling with, generally, nine lines of text per screen. In all of my testing, documents were quite readable and images appeared crisp and clear.

Sadly, because the Motorola Q runs Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones rather than the Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition, the screen of the handset isn't one that is sensitive to touch. The entire time I used the Q, I had to resist the urge to touch the screen. The usefulness of the Motorpla Q would have been greatly increased with the addition of a touchscreen and a beefed-up version of the Windows Mobile OS.

Another downside to the screen is software compatibility. Some programs designed for Windows Mobile 5 smartphones are currently incompatible with the screen’s unique format, though the issue will likely be addressed over time. At least for the next few months, check software compatibility statements – or download the trial version – before making a purchase.

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The Keyboard

Because the Motorola Q lacks a touch-sensitive screen, most data is entered by way of the onboard thumb keyboard.

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The Q’s QWERTY backlit keyboard consists of 35 keys, most pulling double duty with secondary functions activated by a black key on the bottom left-hand side of the board. Other than the alphanumeric keys, there are Shift, Enter, Space and punctuation keys, though the Backspace function is relegated to the Back button in the navigation section above the keyboard.

Like Palm’s Treo, ten of the keys appear in black (seen above). These are the number keys, 0-9. They are arranged like a regular phone pad to make dialing more natural. There are also camera, e-mail, and voice command shortcut keys integrated into the keyboard.

The keyboard is well laid-out, the best I’ve seen on a non Pocket PC Phone device. The keys are formed of a material with a soft, rubber-like feel. The keys are also generously spaced. Typing on the Motorola Q is quite comfortable, even for extended periods.

In three separate one-minute typing tests, I was able to coax 35 words per minute, on average, from of the Q’s thumb keyboard. I and members of our staff were able to type an average of 28 words per minute on the Treo 700w, but we were able to get an average of 45 words per minute on the Cingular 8125. Rates will vary, but if you’re a touch-typist, the Motorola Q keyboard won’t throw you any major curve balls.

One-Handed Operation

While holding the Q in the palm of your hand, you can easily reach the main four-way nav pad and the flanking navigation controls with your thumb. The navigation controls allow you to return to the Today Screen, make, answer and end calls, toggle the Start Menu, scroll up and down through menus and make selections.

If you’re using the Motorola Q more passively, say reading an e-mail or browsing through RSS news feeds, there’s a second way to move around: the scroll wheel. On the right side of the Q, there’s a small recessed area housing a scroll wheel and Back button. The scroll wheel scrolls up and down, or with a quick press, you signal an OK. With the scroll wheel and back button, you can scroll through a list of e-mail messages, select a message to view, scroll through the body of the message, and return to the message list, for example, without the need for other buttons. The only drawback to this setup is that it might present a problem for lefties, although while holding the Q in your left hand you can certainly operate the controls with your index finger, though it’s less user-friendly.

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The width of the Motorola Q’s keyboard even makes one handed typing fairly painless. Holding the Q in my right hand I was able to type at a fairly brisk pace with only my thumb, an excellent option for a quick SMS, password entry or e-mail response.