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My Girl may refer to:

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  • 'My Girl' (The Temptations song), recorded by many artists
  • 'My Girl', a song by Aerosmith from Pump
  • 'My Girl', a song by Agua de Annique from Air
  • 'My Girl', a song by Dayglo Abortions from Feed Us a Fetus
  • 'My Girl', a song by Frank Sinatra
  • 'My Girl', a song by Mindless Behavior
  • 'My Girl', a song by Young Dro from Best Thang Smokin'
  • 'My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)', a song by Chilliwack from Wanna Be a Star
  • My Girl (EP), a 2011 EP by Kim Hyung-jun

Film and television[edit]

  • My Girl (film), a 1991 film starring Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin
  • My Girl 2, the previous film's 1994 sequel
  • My Girl (2005 TV series), a South Korean drama series
  • My Girl (2008 TV series), a Philippine remake of the South Korean series
  • Fan Chan (English: My Girl), a 2003 Thai romantic comedy film
  • 'My Girl' (Superman: The Animated Series), a 1996 episode of Superman: The Animated Series

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