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Frank Sinatra became the only child in the family of Italian immigrants, who settled in the USA in their childhood with their parents. Frank's father was a boxer and firefighter, while his mother chaired the local Hoboken department of the Democratic Party. Since early years, the boy liked music and decided to aspire for singing career after he saw his idol, Bing Crosby, on the scene. Sinatra entered the University, but left without graduation and began to perform. His parents firstly were against the choice of their son. However, they supported Frank when they understood that his aspiration for music was serious. Thus, his mother persuaded the band The Three Flashes to include Sinatra in its lineup - the command was renamed in The Hoboken Four and won at the talent competition, lead at the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show. After this victory, Sinatra's popularity started to grow, which was often allegedly connected to his secret links with the Italian mafia in the USA. Sinatra performed with orchestras of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. In 1939, he married his long-time beloved Nancy Barbato - Sinatra has three children from this marriage: Nancy, who became a singer, Frank Junior (conducted Sinatra's orchestra in 80's and 90's) and Tina Sinatra, who chose to be the movie producer.

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In 40's, Frank successfully played in films (one of his frequent partners was Gene Kelly) and sang such swing hits as The Nearness Of You (Alternate Take). However, at the end of 40's, his popularity began to decline, while the wife divorced with Frank - it was followed by the short marriage to actress Ava Gardner, who was at the peak of fame for that period. Studios tore contracts with Sinatra, he was fired from the radio - in the end of all sorrows he lost his voice after he got a severe cold. Luckily, Sinatra's voice recreated. After he played in the picture From Here To Eternity (1953), Sinatra got back his legendary status. He continued to act in the films and recorded his cult albums Swing Easy! (1954), In The Wee Small Hours (1955), Songs For Swingin' Lovers (1956) with the hit I've Got You Under My Skin, Where Are You?, Come Fly With Me (both in 1957) and Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely (1958). He also began to perform in Las Vegas with Sam Davis, Dean Martin, Joe Bishop and Peter Lowford - they called themselves The Rat Pack and performed for Kennedy's president campaign in 1960. In 1966, he married actress Mia Farrow, who was thirty years younger than him. The marriage lasted for about a year - the artist gave Mia the divorce papers right at the film stage after Farrow broke her promise to act with Sinatra in The Detective picture.

In 60's, such eternal hits of the sweet-voiced singer saw light like The September Of My Years, Strangers In The Night and My Way. Around the same time, Sinatra performed the famous duet with his daughter Nancy Sinatra Somethin' Stupid - later it was covered by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. In 1971, Sinatra announced his retirement - nevertheless, he continued to give concerts, which saw full halls of devoted fans. In 1976, Frank married Barbara Marx, with whom he stayed until his death. Even having the deserved rest, the great showman recorded things that became smash hits, for example - track New York, New York (1980) and the entire vintage album She Shot Me Down. The last concert by Sinatra took place in 1994, although he sang at a closed party a year later. On May 14, 1998, Frank Sinatra died in a hospital after a heart attack.

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