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There are enough tutorials out there to explain how to install/setup and OFBiz.or g ERP system, but there isn’t much on how to setup the company after you have it running.

So, these are my notes as I stumble through what I could find, and compile it into a list so that when I build the real system, I will know exactly what needs to be done.’, ‘TOC
– Quick Install
– Setup

Quick OFBiz install

grab the ofbiz.tar.gz file and jdk-6u4-linux-i586-rpm.bin

sh jdk-6u4-linux-i586-rpm.bin

useradd ofbiz

mv ofbiz.tar.gz /home/ofbiz

cd /home/ofbiz

tar -xvzf ofbiz.tar.gz

mv ofbiz-4.0 ofbiz

chown -R ofbiz.ofbiz ofbiz

su ofbiz

cd ofbiz

mkdir logs

Before you run this next command, you need to choose if you want a bare install (no example data), minimal data, or full example data.

./ant run-install

exit back to root:
cp rc.ofbiz /etc/init.d/ofbiz
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/ofbiz
vi /etc/init.d/ofbiz

set the java path to /usr/bin/java

chkconfig -add ofbiz
chkconfig ofbiz on

/etc/init.d/ofbiz start

Let it run, it takes a while to load all the data, etc.

To check the status, do ’tail /home/ofbiz/ofbiz/logs/console.log’

OFBiz.org Setup

First, go to http://10.10.10.xxx:8080/webtools

click on login

default admin account:

username: admin
password: ofbiz

Company Setupsearch for party ID “Company”
Update the “Group Information”
Update the “Contact Information”

Employee Setup

click on Party tab<
click Create New
click Create Employee
Fill in all the information

Edit the employee and click on the “Roles” link at the top.
Click the “Add To Role” drop down and select role.
click Add

Scroll down under User Names and select “Security Groups” and set to “Full Admin”.

Log out Admin, log in with your new account.

Go to Party tab, type in username of “admin” and submit. Edit each user account and disable the default ones. That would be admin, flexadmin, demoadmin, and 1.

Facility Setup

Click on “Facility” tab
Create new facility
Click on “ContactMechs”
Create new contact. Add purpose, Ship To address, Ship Origin address, and Primary address. This is needed to allow items to be shipped from/to this location.

Tax Authorities

Click on Party/Create new/New Party Group
Group Name: Illinois Sales Tax Authority
Click on Roles, add “Tax Authority”
Click on Accounting/Tax Authorities/New Tax Authority
Geo: IL
Party: party you just created

Also, at this time, you can change the N/A to 0% tax as the default is 1%. If the system doesn’t know where the order is going, it will use N/A and add 1% sales tax.

Catalog Setup

– Promos

First, let’s turn off all the example promos. What we are going to do, is make them require the promo code to be added to an order, so they won’t “auto apply”.

Click on Calalog/Promos and the select each promo that you see a “N” under the “Require Code?” field. and change them all to “Y”.

– Stores

Click on Stores and create a new store for each facility. Link them to the Facilities you created earlier.

– Adding Products

Click on Main and select “Create New Product” in the middle of the page.

Insert Product ID if you want your own, otherwise it will be auto generated.
Internal Name : Is what shows up on the order
and then click create.
Next, select the Prices tab
Type in a price and hit Create
Select “Costs” tad
Select Type drop down and select “Material Cost” and enter Cost field and click submit
Now, click on the “Suppliers” tab
Select the supplier from the drop down
Enter last price
Supplier Product Name
Supplier Product ID
Click Create

Now, to be able to order an item from a supplier, the supplier MUST be listed under the item.

Buying Stuff (Overview)

1) Create/Approve Purchase Order (Order/Order Entry/Purchase Order),
– Pick a supplier
– Give it a name
– Add items to the order
– Finalize Order/Continue
– Pick Facility
– Create order, Approve order
2) Create/Approve Purchase Invoice (Accounting/Invoices/New Invoice)
– From = Vendor, To = PhoneTeks, LLC
– Add Items and don’t forget shipping/handling!
– Status approve/ready
3) Create/Apply Payment (Accounting/Payments/Create New Payment)
– Vendor Payment
– From: Company, To: whoever
– Amount, create
– Now, apply the payment to the Purchase Invoice for each line item.
– Change status to Sent and then Confirmed.
4) Receive PO
– Facility/Facility ID
– Receive Inventory/Enter PO #
– Receive entire PO, etc.

Programs for windows embedded ce 6.0. WORK IN PROCESS, will complete soon


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Create a quote, approve, convert to order:

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New users are often confused by the extensive OFBiz documentation.
This page puts links to the documents in a logical order, so new users can get up to speed quickly.
Please help us by adding links to documents you know about.

Evaluating OFBiz
  • Open Source ERP/Apache Software Foundation
  • Capabilities
  • Organizations using OFBiz (internal use)
  • Websites based on OFBiz (production use)
    • www.antwebsystems.com
    • www.hotwaxmedia.com
    • www.myofbiz.com
  • OFBiz demo sites
  • VAR products (OpenTaps, Neogia, etc)
Getting OFBiz
  • System requirements
  • Downloading
  • Installation: Apache OFBiz Getting Started has good material on some initial customization.
  • Customizing
  • Updates and upgrades
Using OFBiz
  • Manager evaluation/planning manual
  • Administrator implementation manual
  • User operation manual
  • Developer reference manual
  • Training videos
  • Customizing for particular industries
Getting help
  • Documentation
  • FAQ - Tips - Tricks - Cookbook - HowTo
  • Wiki
  • Mailing lists & archives
  • IRC channels
  • Search documents
  • Data model background
  • Universal data modeling
  • Parties and Party Groups
  • Users, authentication and authorization/permissions
  • Stores, catalogs, virtual & variant products
Developing in OFBiz
  • Code organization
  • Entity engine
  • MPV model
  • Screen design
  • CRUD operations
  • Code style, validation and testing
OFBiz Project
  • Credits
  • Version history
  • Known bugs
  • To-do list
  • Future plans
News and resources
  • Recent news
  • Websites & blogs
    • Antwebsystems Co.Ltd OFBiz general weekly blog by Hans Bakker and employees.
    • OFBiz Tutorials
    • Ruth Hoffman discusses OFBiz at http://www.myofbiz.com
  • Articles, Books, Presentations
    • Now available 9.04 updates to 'Getting Started with Apache OFBiz E-Commerce Out-Of-The-Box'. www.myofbiz.com
  • Hosting