Ogp Flash 200 Manual

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OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200 Benchtop Optical Gaging Precision Metrology Video Measuring Tool
In good condition and full working order
SmartScope Flash 200
Flash 200 Travel
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1 x OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200 Benchtop Optical Gaging Precision Measuring Tool
Preloaded with:-
Measure-X Version 3.03.11
SmartReport Plu Version 3.1.36
Measurefit Software Version 2.3.11
1 x OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200 Remote
1 x Lenovo 19' TFT Monitor
1 x Keyboard and Mouse
1 x Set of software CD's
SmartScope® Flash™ CNC 200 – the smallest member of the Flash CNC family of systems – is a full-featured automatic measurement system. Innovative design features of 'elevating bridge' and an embedded computer mean the system takes up little space on a benchtop while providing an ample 200x200x150 mm measuring range and extensive measurement capabilities.
SmartScope Flash CNC 200 has patented innovations that let you do more, and do it faster. The computer controlled LED array backlight tracks X-axis motion of the optics with no moving parts. SmartRing™ light is standard for the ultimate flexibility in surface illumination.
Do even more! Every SmartScope Flash CNC 200 is multisensor capable.
SmartScope Flash CNC 200 is a great video measuring machine. Add touch probe, laser and micro-probes and it's a full-fledged multisensor measurement system. SmartScope Flash CNC 200 – a compact, automatic measurement value.
SmartRing Light IlluminatorsOGP Home / OGP Learning Center / SmartRing Light
SmartRing LightAre difficult imaging requirements preventing you from getting the most from your video measuring system?
Take a close look at the new SmartRing light from OGP. Available exclusively for SmartScope Flash, SmartScope Flare, SmartScope Quest, SmartScope ZIP, SmartScope MVP, and SmartScope ATS video measuring systems, SmartRing (US patent 5,690,417) measures even the most difficult parts with ease.
SmartRing accomplishes this difficult task by providing light that is programmable for both direction and incidence angle.
Incidence angle 45° to 75° from horizontal
Constant 100 mm working clearance
Two Lights In One
SmartRing consists of six or eight concentric LED ring lights focused though a specially SmartRing Light IlluminatorsSmartRing Lightdesigned Fresnel lens. The inner rings illuminate the part from above, almost 'square-on.' The outer rings provide oblique lighting, ideal for chamfered edges and blended radii. By selecting different rings, you control the angle of incidence of the illumination.
Each ring is also divided into eight sectors, allowing you to specify the direction of the light. Using SmartRing’s graphical interface, you can select any combination of rings and sectors to create just the right illumination for any application.
SmartRingJust look at these dramatic before and after images. A typical fiber optic ring illuminator creates an image that looks like the image on the left. The second, with SmartRing, looks like the image to the right, showing how the edge really stands out for increased measurement accuracy.
If you’ve got a tough non-contact measurement application, take a close look at SmartRing. It’s the right light for the right measurement.
Technical 12x Zoom DiagramAn entirely new 12x zoom lens is part of every new SmartScope Flash and Flare. It delivers one of the largest magnification ranges in the industry. And it’s fast, too. The motorized and programmable motion requires just 2 seconds to zoom through the entire range. So measuring programs are faster than ever.
Self-Calibrating technology
All SmartScope Flash models and Flare models equipped with the laser probe include our patented AccuCentric™ self-calibrating zoom lens technology.
Proven in over 3,000 industrial installations, an AccuCentric zoom lens calibrates itself, on the fly, automatically, after every magnification change. So you get the best system accuracy all the time - today and tomorrow.
Expand the envelope
Additional lens attachments (1.5x and 2.0x) are available to extend the magnification range for special applications. The total range available with the zoom lens and lens attachments is 30x to 560x on-screen.
OGP Tech Flash/Flare Mechanics 2The unique mechanical design employed in SmartScope Flash creates the most compact system of any machine with comparable measuring range.
The precision of the measuring stage is ensured during every step of manufacture. Axial straightness and perpendicularity are machined in at the beginning, not adjusted out later. Camera alignment and lens parfocalization are permanently set at the factory, so system maintenance is reduced and calibration and certification are faster. And the embedded computer and electronic systems are thermal and vibration-isolated from the stage, so you get consistent accuracy all the time.
To minimize Abbe errors, drive systems and measuring scales are centered on each axis of travel, with minimum distance to the measuring plane. A unique twin column Z axis design features a separate measuring scale for each column, assuring the highest level of Z axis performance throughout the measuring volume.
Flash/Flare Illumination
If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it.
So we put our years of optical inspection experience to good use in developing the most sophisticated video system illuminators available.
SmartScope Flash and Flare include a truly innovative design for profile illumination (backlight) featuring a linear array of LED lights located beneath the stage glass. A moving pattern of light on the array (shown below) tracks the optical system as it moves in the X axis. The number and position of LED lights is automatically optimized for each magnification.
An LED SmartRing light, consisting of eight sectors and six rings, allows precise control of surface illumination for direction and angle of incidence.
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As shown below, SmartScope Flash comes in a range of sizes. Viva la vida coldplay album. From the benchtop Flash 200 to the floor model Flash 1552 and everything in between, OGP has.